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Using 32-bit Firestorm in 64-bit Ubuntu

NOTE: The steps here have not been rigorously tested, and therefore might not work for you.

The steps here apply to Ubuntu as well as its derivatives, including LinuxMint. Package names may be slightly different in your operating system.

Canonical ended support for the transitional package of ia32-libs. This will not allow 64 bit versions of Ubuntu to run a 32-bit viewer. There are two methods given below:

Full 32-bit install

This method installs the 32-bit libraries from a previous distribution. Note that this may cause undesireable side effects, user beware. This has been tested with the release candidate of Ubuntu 13.10 and all is well and functional.

Open a terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb raring main restricted universe multiverse"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Install only the needed 32-bit libraries

multiarch-support is installed by default, but Firestorm needs other files. At a minimum:

NOTE: These files can't be installed using Synaptic or Ubuntu Software Center.

libgtk2.0-0:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386 libidn11:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386 libidn11:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386

If you want sounds and streaming music (streaming media is still very iffy), install this gstreamer package:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio:i386

And if you want growl notifications, install the 32-bit libnotify:

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin:i386

NOTE: Issues in the FMOD package in Firestorm 4.4.2 prevent playing streaming music. This was corrected in the next viewer release.

Install Firestorm

Grab the Release

Extract the program

cd ~/Downloads
mkdir Firestorm
tar xjf Phoenix_Fire{tab to expand} -C Firestorm --strip-components=1

Try It Out

At this point, you can launch Firestorm from a terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/Firestorm

And watch the output, optionally copy it for analysis since not all of it made its way to the viewer log.

NOTE: Qpainter errors can be safely ignored.

You can also create a desktop shortcut, either manually or by running this script in a terminal:



If you crash continually, it will be helpful to get a backtrace, like so:

cd ~/Downloads/Firestorm
sed -i "/^#export .*gdb/ s/^#//" ./firestorm # This enables gnu debug

At the (gdb) prompt, type r to launch Firestorm When Firestorm crashes, you should be back at a (gdb) prompt. Type bt to get a backtrace. Copy everything from the terminal screen to a text file. Type q to exit gdb. Create a Support Request on our Jira and attach the backtrace as well as crash logs. JIRA can guide you through the process. NOTE**: You can turn off debugging with:

sed -i "/^export .*gdb/ s/^export/#export/" ./firestorm
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