Filter Tab

AreaSearch - Filter

This tab offers even more powerful selection criteria for narrowing down the types of objects to search for.

  • List only objects that are: Allows you to restrict the search by certain object characteristics.
    • Locked
    • Physical
    • Phantom
    • Temporary
    • Attachment
    • Shared Media
  • For Sale between… List only objects that are set for sale, and at a price between the two given values.
  • Mouse click action: shows only objects that have specific actions set when left clicked:
    • No action
    • Any action (any of the ones below)
    • Touch
    • Sit
    • Buy
    • Pay
    • Open
    • Play
    • Open media
    • Zoom
  • Distance between: Allows you to specify a range of distance; only objects within that range will be listed.
  • Exclude objects that are: Don't list objects of this type (if any of these are enabled, the corresponding checkbox in List only objects that are above will be greyed out).
    • Attachment
    • Physical
    • Temporary
    • Child Prim
    • Neighboring Regions

Once you have selected your search criteria, click Apply to begin searching.

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