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Grid Options

  • Mode: There are 3 options:
    • World: edit mode is relative to absolute region coordinates (for attachments, this becomes Attachment, and then editing is relative to the attachment point).
    • Local: edit mode is relative to the root prim's coordinates for child prims; for root prims, this is the same as World.
    • Reference: edit mode is relative to be prim being edited.
  • Units: indicates the size of the grid unit, in m.
  • Extents: Sets the size of the visible white grid when dragging the colored positioning handles instead of an axis arrow, centered on the object you're editing. Measured in meters.
  • Snap to sub-units: Divides the grid into smaller sub-units for greater precision. The number of sub-units depends on how closely your camera is zoomed in and goes up to 16 divisions between main Grid Units. Edited objects snap to these sub-unit lines the same way they do to a normal grid line.
  • View cross-sections: Displays a visible plane in the center of the object you are editing, oriented orthogonally to the axis the object is moving on. This plane extends into adjacent objects to aid precision alignment.
  • Opacity: Sets how opaque the grid appears.
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