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Firestorm Public Beta 3 - Mesh - Release Notes

New Features

  • Default interface choices from login page. Phoenix/V2/Hybrid
  • Custom Colored name tags and more
  • Selection beam particle effects
  • Built in Flight assist with Bridge
  • Script count
  • Auto Correct
  • Font options
  • New starlight skins
  • V1 similar volume controls so you don't have to go into prefs
  • Volume sliders in the local speakers panel
  • Ability to fully disable your camera target hints
  • Improved Camera floater
  • Greater Open Sim Support
  • Calc and CAO from command line
  • Z-offset is fixed, for changing the height offset of your avatar
  • Updated RLVa
  • Ability to automatically undock side bar tabs
  • Group IM's in nearby chat & console
  • Italicized Emotes
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