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Fix For The Region Restart Bug In Firestorm

This issue only affects Firestorm Mesh Beta release
Firestorm Mesh Beta Maintenance Release is patched against this bug.
You can download the Maintenance release here

See FIRE-3128 for details on this bug

Unfortunately a skin bug that wasnt discovered in the internal testing stages in one of the Firestorm skins in the Firestorm Mesh Beta
release is triggering a serverside issue that is causing both the Firestorm team and Linden Lab headaches.

How Does This Bug Affect Me?

If you use the Metaharper skin on Firestorm 3.0.1 (22525) Mesh Beta release and then try to restart your region-

  • Your region will fail to restart
  • Attempting to restart the region again will result in an error message saying “Restart already in progress in 0 seconds”
  • You will then get this error message attempting to restart the affected region on any viewer
  • Once this has happened, only Linden Lab are able to get the region restarted for you

Emergency Viewer-side Fix

You can fix this issue in your already installed copy of Firestorm by just deleting one skin file.

  • Find your Firestorm install folder.
  • Windows: This is typically located at C:\Program Files\Firestorm-Beta-Mesh for 32-bit or
    C:\Program Files(X86)\Firestorm-Beta-Mesh for 64-bit Windows systems.
  • Mac: Find Firestorm-Beta-Mesh in your Applications folder. Ctrl-click and choose Show Package Contents.
    Then open Contents, then Resources.
  • Linux: The Firestorm install directory will be wherever you extracted the download archive to.
    Typically this will be in your home directory somewhere, such as ~/Apps/Firestorm-Beta-Mesh/
  • Inside the Firestorm-Beta-Mesh folder, browse to \skins\metaharper\xui\en\
  • Delete the file named panel_region_debug.xml
  • Firestorm will then restart regions normally on all skins.

Please note: If you have already attempted a failed restart using Firestorm on the Metaharper skin, You will need to contact Linden Lab to have the region restarted or wait for the next server rollout.

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