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Feature list

Above and beyond the standard V2 features like multi attachments/tattoo layers/av physics, Media on a prim, shadow capability.. etc…

  • Optional Pie menu or Context right click menus.
  • Brand new built in AO
  • Brand new built in full range Radar with lots of options
  • Radar can report when an avatar enters or leaves draw distance and/or chat range
  • Estate/parcel management tools in radar right click menus
  • Region/parcel information in menu bar (optional)
  • Lots of skin customization options and changes from LL V2
  • V1 style Communicate window
  • Ability to close floater windows
  • Ability to show/hide ALL windows via bottom bar buttons
  • Viewer remembers window state/locations on relogs
  • Several additional skins with side tabs and without side tabs options
  • Additional Graphics settings and options
  • Separate Movie/Music stream controls
  • Ability to quickly open locations for crash logs, settings, cache, chat logs etc.
  • Greater camera freedom (truly removed camera constraints)
  • V1 style Dialogs in top right of window
  • V1 style nearby chat
  • V1 style profile windows, ability to open multiple profiles
  • Vertical side tabs for IM’s
  • Show look-at, and selection crosshairs beacons
  • Hide my look-at, and selection crosshairs beacons
  • Option to allow multiple viewer instances in preferences
  • Allow login to other grids (has known issues)
  • RLVa
  • Disable TP screens, log in and log out screens
  • Disable TP Sounds
  • Rez objects under land group
  • Filter duplicate landmarks on world map
  • Ability to not send av physics to server
  • Display name/user name options for displaying and sorting in multiple lists like friend list, radar etc
  • Clicking your av keeps camera position option
  • Disable minimum camera zoom distance
  • Allow camera to move without constraints through prims
  • Minimap rotation options
  • Role Play Chat options
  • Friend on/offline notices to nearby chat
  • Show IM’s in chat console
  • Use full screen width for chat console
  • Group moderators can be shown in bold text
  • Disable all group chats
  • When receive group notices is disabled, disables group chat as well
  • Allow double click to teleport on regions with a landing point via llMoveToTarge in bridge.
  • Keyword alerts
  • Improved Area Search
  • Command line options for chat bar (not all functions work yet)
  • Shared Parcel Windlight
  • New Bridge for improved viewer functionality
  • Window size presets for Machinima makers
  • KDU for greater performance, stability, and reliability in decoding images (same version LL uses in 2.5 and higher)
  • Configurable Auto responses to IM’s
  • Snapshots can upload directly to your Flickr account
  • Improved Camera control and movement control windows
  • Separated Media/music stream controls
  • Media Filter for your security
  • Prim Alignment tool
  • Inventory collapse/expand buttons
  • Inventory right click> wear and replace/add outfits on inventory folders
  • Cut/copy/paste on text editors like notecards, chat windows, scripts etc.
  • Worn tab in inventory
  • Ability to hide bottom chat bar via unrestricted resize
  • Dragable group notices
  • Group UUID and Link copy button for groups
  • User UUID’s in their profiles
  • Stream artist song and artist information in chat
  • All builds are Large Address Aware for systems with greater than 2 gig memory

Known Issues (in progress)

  • Text on pie menu does not update
  • Bridge may not build/attach properly
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