These classes are based on our official Firestorm release and are conducted in voice and text except when otherwise noted. There's no need to talk, but you may want to be able to hear. We also usually have help available to answer questions in text. This schedule is subject to change.

Note that it is best if you are on Firestorm for the classes.

Locations are indicated in the far right column as follows:

Class times and days change regularly. Classes may be held any day of the week, with start times from 8am to 7pm SLT. Nonetheless, if the class times are still inconvenient you may prefer to watch recorded versions of some of these classes on YouTube.

Unscheduled classes may also be held on an impromptu basis. If this happens, a notice will be sent in Firestorm Support English. secondlife:///app/group/3a1be8d4-01f3-bc1a-2703-442f0cc8f2dd/about

*All times SLT*

Monday 16th July 1pm – Contact Sets
There is a cool feature called Contact Sets that lets you organize your contact list. We will cover how to set them up and use this epic feature.
Tuesday 17th July 10am – Introduction to Firestorm and the Wiki
This class gives you an overview of the Firestorm Viewer and of our greatest informational resource, our Wiki, including search tips.
Wednesday 18th July 11am – Clean Install
Learn how to correctly and quickly perform this most fundamental and important of tasks. Recommended to take Settings Backup class first.
Thursday 19th July 1pm – Menus 1 (TEXT ONLY)
We will be covering the menus on the top bar, from Avatar through Help.
Friday 20th July 2pm – Menus 2
We will cover the Advanced and Develop menus in the top bar.
Saturday 21st July 11am – Odds & Ends 1
This class covers some of Firestorm's handiest features, like Inventory, Radar, and some hard-to-find gems.
Sunday 22nd July 3pm – Odds & Ends 2
Learn about fun and useful items like how to use Autocorrect, using the Command Line for a number of tools, and more.
Monday 23rd July 1pm – Preferences Set 1 (TEXT ONLY)
We will cover some of the Firestorm preferences (General, Chat, Privacy), based on our current release.
Tuesday 24th July 9am – Preferences Set 2
We will cover some of the Firestorm preferences (Graphics, Network & Cache), based on our current release.
Wednesday 25th July 10am – Preferences Set 3
We will cover some of the Firestorm preferences (Move & View, Advanced, Firestorm), based on our current release.
1pm – QuickPrefs Customization + Lag
Two mini-classes in one. One discusses the causes of lag in SL. The other explains how to customize your Quick Preferences.
Thursday 26th July 1pm – Preferences Set 4 (TEXT ONLY)
We will cover some of the Firestorm preferences (Colors, Skins, Notifications, User Interface, Sounds and Media).
Sunday 29th July 1pm – Reporting Bugs, Requesting Features
Learn how to communicate effectively with our devs to make the changes to Firestorm you want or need.
3pm – Avatar Complexity and Graphics Presets
Learn how to boost performance with av complexity and improve usability with the presets.
Monday 30th July 1pm – Firestorm Skins (TEXT ONLY)
This class covers the differences among Firestorm's many skin options, including the Vintage Classic and Colorable User Interface skins.
Tuesday 31st July 11am – Animation Overrider
On Firestorm, you can save scripts and HUD space by running your AO animations through the viewer. Learn how to set up and get the most out of this feature.
Wednesday 1st Aug 1pm – Basic Troubleshooting
An introduction to basic methods to start locating problems. Focused on Firestorm but some parts are non-viewer-specific.
Thursday 2nd Aug 1pm – Backing up Settings and Logs (TEXT ONLY)
This class covers how to save your settings and chat logs on your computer. Recommended to take this before the Clean Install class.
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