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All Upcoming Firestorm Gateway Events

We are completing our summer series of entertainment with a Steam Punk Carnival to celebrate the 6th successful year of the Firestorm Project. We have a full afternoon of wonderful live musicians to liven up the day in our regions, so all we need is you to make it a great time. We hope you will come by to celebrate with us for a great time with music, games and gifts for all!!

In my opinion music is the food of the Second Life community. Music and art fills our spaces and the air we breathe, they are a large part of our existence and why we return.

Please come join all of us at the Gateway to learn about the SL community through one of our favorite past times, Music. The Firestorm Gateway Events are a way for us to introduce the entire SL Community to you and our region as well as a chance for some of our team to meet and greet you!

For more opportunities keep connecting to the Event Wiki for more surprising events and learn more about why so many are drawn to Second Life. You can experience of our community first hand by downloading the Firestorm Viewer to begin your own “Second Life.”

Theatre and Literature

There is a wonderful group of creative individuals that meets on Friday and Sunday evenings at 6 PMSLT who actively roleplay on our Region. They welcome anyone from beginner to experienced role players to take part in the Sci Fi experience. Get your Trekie on with us at The Gateway!

Storytelling at the Firestorm Community Gateway showcases live voice stories and literature presentations, introducing new residents to the community of spoken word creators and enthusiasts in Second Life.

Watch for these events and let the Story tellers wisk you off to special places with their Spoken Words at The Firestorm Gateway Small Event Space .

On occasion we are beginning to feature a few games, like Primtionary, Bingo and Trivia, from time to time at the Firestorm Gateway in our Small Event Space, just down the path from the Social Club House.

It is our hope you will come by to meet new friends and share some giggles while you learn more about Second Life, as well as its endless entertainment experiences that keep our community members coming back. Events Calendar

Watch our wiki to see what is happening next at the Gateway.

Past Firestorm Gateway Events

Thursday, July 28th The Gateway was once again honor with live singer, this time it was Luke Auster. He brought along his down home country charm, warm personality and great voice to or region. He has an excitingly infectious personality and style. Everyone had a great time with his stories and music. He did a few request for people in the audience and had them all begging for more.

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 live Blues performer JavaJoe MacIntyre graced our stage at The Firestorm Gateway. Joe's talent was truly heartfelt. All of us were impressed by his originals and mashups of popular songs like his versions of Eric Clapton's “Layla” and Cream's “White Room” to mention a couple of the many he played for us. Many “sang-a-long” (we do it in text of course) and stayed the entire show, including the Encore. His music is new yet strangely familiar. You can sample his vibes for yourself at or in Second Life by utilizing our viewer “Search” feature and “Events.”

Firestorm Team and The Firestorm Gateway celebrated anyone who has a Rez Day in June on Sunday, June 12th at noon SLT,

These events are for the entire SL Community to introduce you to our region as well as a chance for some of team to meet and greet you!

Guest Dj Yogi Enyo rocked everyone with some great 1980's Music. Yogi has been a Dj for 7 years in Sl and has a vast music collection.

The Celebration for June Rezzies Day continued with a live performance featuring “Da Bluez Preacher” SRV4U Conacher and his guitar “Wilma” played live on our stage. Preacher lit up the stage with live electric and acoustic blues that were high energy standards like SRV, BB King, Buddy Guy and the like.

He also debuted a version of a Happy Rez Day Song to all the June Rezzies. We all had ROCKING fun. The Firestorm Gateway

Please Come Celebrate Your July Rez Day at .

Watch for more amazing events at the Firestorm Gateway.

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