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Donating Free Items to the Phoenix Team - In-World Vendors

The Phoenix/Firestorm Project welcomes donations from anyone, in the form of free items for SL residents. This page gives information on how you can donate an item to be distrubuted in our vendors and on the marketplace.

  • The item must be made by the person donating it.
  • The item must be free, and not crippled in any way - ie, no “demos”.
  • Items must be full permission - or at the very least, must have copy and transfer rights.
    This so that our account is able to tranfer multiple copies of the item to residents.
    Exceptions may be made for single items, where we can set next owner permissions to no transfer; doing this on large numbers of items in not feasible.
  • No commercial advertising is allowed. The item may come with an instruction notecard explaining how the item is used (if applicable), and a single landmark to a store. No further advertising is permitted.
  • Items should be delivered to the SL account: phoenixviewermascot. Please also send an IM to Miro Collas, so that we know you have delivered soemthing to that account. Make sure you indicate the full name of the item given.
  • Please also supply a square 512×512 full permissions texture naming the item and, optionally, describing what it is. This texture will be used on the in-world vendors and on the SL marketplace. Again, no overt advertising is allowed.

These items will be made available in-world though our vendors, and on the SL marketplace; our store is here.

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