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The pages below have been updated to reflect changes since Firestorm 5.0.11. Please do not bookmark them, as they will disappear once 5.1.4 goes to public release.

  • Avatar Menu: Favorite Wearables. A window to hold frequently used items such as HUDs and items for quick attach/detach using double click to add. Creates a protected subfolder of links #Wearable Favorites inside #Firestorm folder. See also Toolbar Buttons.
  • Avatar Menu: Show User Interface. Unchecking hides the user interface. Use Alt+Shift+U to show user interface again. Chiclets and script dialogs remain visible.

Avatar Complexity

  • Avatar Menu - Appearance (Ctrl+O) - Wearing tab: Shows the rendering weight of each worn attachment. Avatar Complexity
  • Avatar Menu - Appearance (Ctrl+O) - Wearing tab: Added the ability to use double-click to remove wearables and temporary attachments.
  • Avatar Menu - Appearance (Ctrl+O) - Outfits tab: Added the ability to use double-click to add/remove.


  • Firestorm - Build 1: Script Editor Font. Allows you to select the name and size of the font used in the LSL script editor.
  • Firestorm - Uploads: Reset default folders button resets all upload folders to default destinations.
  • User Interface - 2D Overlay: Prevent statistics window from gaining focus. If enabled, the statistics window will never receive focus when another window is closed. Actions such as changing graph layout for items are still possible when enabled.

People - Nearby (Radar)

  • Nearby (Radar): Render Settings. Right-click any avatar gives fly-out menu and offers options to Render Normally (default), Do Not Render, Render Fully.

About Land - Access Tab

  • About Land - Access: Timed ban: Added the ability to ban residents from a parcel for a specific amount of time (minimum 1 hour, maximum 8766 hours (approximately 1 year)). Select the number of hours when the window opens and press OK.

Other changes and updates

This is Firestorm team's first beta version of Alex Ivy for Linux. All this penguin goodness is brought to you by the amazing efforts of the developers, QA and support team members. Awesome job! Testers are asked to give this an extra good workout.

Merged up to Linden Lab Version
Release Notes for v5.1.3 (513644) - Second Life Viewer March 27, 2018

  • This release of the Viewer pulls in a raft of updates to the built in media support that were not quite ready to be integrated when the 64 bit Viewer (Alex Ivy) was released.
    It is comprised of various fixes, updates, security patches and improvements for CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) that is the basis for the built in web browser and VLC that provides support for video media playback.
    In addition fixes are included to Dullahan (the third party library that uses CEF) as well as all the media plugin code itself.
    As per the Alex Ivy 64 bit viewer, there is no Linux version.
  • Cookies
    The option to not accept cookies has been removed due to complexities of not doing so in the in-viewer browser. For a more controlled cookie experience, an external full-featured browser may be better.

AlexIvy 64bit - Fully merged up to LL's AlexIvy viewer for Windows and Mac. As a result of this update, there is no Linux viewer available. The Linux community is working to resolve this and accordingly, there is no way to anticipate when a Linux viewer will be available for testing.

Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) Dullahan updated:

  • Dullahan: 1.1.1080
  • CEF: 3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4.513446
  • Chrome: 65.0.3325.146
  • Page of test URLs for Dullahan that are more complete and more robust. With the Developer Menu enabled (Ctrl Alt Q) press Ctrl+Shift+Z then the Home page button.

FMOD Studio 1.10.04

KDU updated to v7.10.4.

Voice Update: Vivox Version 4.9.0002.27586 (Mac and Windows)
Linux uses native voice files Version: Vivox 3.2.0002.10426

JIRA Bug Fixes

FIRE-6155 - Previewing an animation to upload while walking/sitting/flying results in the avatar getting stuck in that animation

FIRE-9070 - build window xyz colors not changing for rotate and size

FIRE-12249 - Develop - Render Metadata - Avatar Hitboxes makes eyes disappear

FIRE-13474 - Saving .dae with brackets in filename fails

FIRE-17518 - [CEF] Opening Preferences from the login screen breaks the login page layout.

FIRE-19704 - [Mac] Crash when upload Mesh 50499 - Calculate Weights and Fees (Mac El Capitan) - LLModelgetJointInfluences(LLVector3 const&)

FIRE-21974 - recovered script after crash is empty

FIRE-22175 - [Mac] [BUG-202965] [MAINT-8208] Firestorm crashes when I use a cube as physic when uploading a mesh model

FIRE-22179 - Preprocessor warning when last line in lsl include is a comment: generic lexer warning: Unterminated C++ style comment

FIRE-22214 - Script Editor - Missing Line numbers, Vintage Skin

FIRE-22241 - Copy paste inserting timestamps unexpectedly

FIRE-22268 - Firestorm crashing when deleting items

FIRE-22281 - [BUG-214575] [MAINT-8289] Deleting inventory directory while keeping [Delete] key preesed

FIRE-22288 - [Mac] [BUG-214585] [MAINT-8287] Creating an admin group role is back. While creating a role, in a new group, once you tick the manage ban list you crash.

FIRE-22297 - [Mac and Linux only?] FPS limiter not working (do not move to Support)

FIRE-22330 - Crash when taking photos

FIRE-22346 - [Opensim] Remove Avination from Grid Manager

FIRE-4963 - using animation upload window disables physics wearables

FIRE-5686 - undocked IM window does not stays at his place after relog and undock again

FIRE-16651 - Animation upload/preview breaks eye movement

FIRE-20866 - @stopim returns The other party is not under a @startim restriction when they are

FIRE-21719 - Copy-Paste a Folder doesnt copy the links to the new folder

FIRE-22148 - Group profile icons unload when Group Titles is opened

FIRE-22164 - Black Text against very dark background Firestorm Skin Dark Scheme Experience Edit WIndow.

FIRE-22167 - Show in Main View fail in 2nd Inventory Window

FIRE-22187 - Typo in Prefs - Chat - Visuals

FIRE-8784 - Align tool not working on some prims

FIRE-9561 - Items worn from Marketplace Tab do not show up as worn items

FIRE-21425 - [CEF] Problem with drop-down menus in internal web browser.

FIRE-21579 - [BUG-202634] [MAINT-8023] Missing support for internationalized domain names.

FIRE-22383 - Links in 1st life profile tab disappear after second save

FIRE-22438 - tp2 <own name> crashes the viewer

FIRE-18130 - Setting llSetTextureAnim to FALSE while enabling llSetPrimMediaParams causes the animation to clear improperly

FIRE-20413 - [Windows 32bit] CEF Plugin error with certain videos

FIRE-22430 - SLVoice version 4.9 will not manually recycle

FIRE-22441 - Nearby Chat icons moved, vintage skin

FIRE-22478 - Inventory Elements Tooltip missing

FIRE-22483 - [BUG-216123] [MAINT-8552] Secure map links are not parsing

FIRE-22522 - Dirty install error on mac OSStatus error -67062

FIRE-6825 - [MAINT-1421] [VWR-29484] [MAC] [LINUX] Show info - Show memory (usage) doesn't work on mac build 28570

FIRE-22204 - Firestorm Crash when enabling Physics view via eye icon for sub-mesh in OpenSim

FIRE-22278 - [OpenSim] Changing Skew or Revolutions of a Prim causes Prim to vanish or crash

FIRE-22509 - Received items shown in lower half of inventory window is empty

FIRE-22513 - Unable to add a local texture after commit 55111 - either silently fails or viewer crashes

FIRE-22514 - Metaharper skin chiclets too high

FIRE-22530 - Copy paste chat issue

FIRE-22564 - “Route llOwnerSay to scipt debug window” shows incorrect state at login screen

JIRA Improvements

FIRE-15266 - Toolbar Button for Beacons

FIRE-20959 - Update in-world browser cipher suites

FIRE-22331 - [Opensim] Mesh uploaded with Analyze likely to render invisible

FIRE-22334 - Reset All Settings button misleading

FIRE-4595 - Paste as Link - in system generated folders like outfits

FIRE-16207 - [Starlight CUI] Contact Sets Panel text

FIRE-22116 - Pennys Windlight Presets

FIRE-5974 - Allow SEARCH to include Received Items Folder

FIRE-22354 - Beyond chat range diminish factor slider is confusing

FIRE-22484 - Appearance - Outfits - possible to add/remove attachments with double click?

FIRE-22507 - Windlight Submission - Water - Lassies Clearwater

FIRE-22521 - Offer the complexity render options (always/normal/never) in the nearby people/radar right click menu

FIRE-22538 - Add function to reset the upload folder to default

JIRA New Features

FIRE-19520 - Add per-item render-weight display to Appearance window

FIRE-20809 - HUD Management, Favorite Wearables Folder (protected) and Toolbar Button

FIRE-20818 - Option to adjust font size in script editor

FIRE-21078 - Show Rendering Cost per attachment

FIRE-22115 - Jeans Windlight Presets

FIRE-5993 - timed land ban

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