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Firestorm AO Issues

I Dragged Something into the AO Folder and Can't Get it Out!

The #Firestorm → AO folder is protected; this means it cannot be deleted, nor can items in it be removed.

If you have inadvertently dragged something into this folder (or a subfolder), then proceed as follows:

  1. From the top menu bar select the Advanced menu, then Debug Settings - or press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S (if the Advanced menu is not visible, enable it with Ctrl-Alt-D).
  2. Type in ProtectAOFolders, and set the value to FALSE.
  3. Now drag the item(s) out of the protected folder and into the intended location.
  4. Access Debug Settings again, and revert the value of ProtectAOFolders to TRUE.

My Firestorm AO Is Suddenly Empty

If you had a functioning FS AO and it is now empty, it is possible that the #Firestorm → #AO folder has accidentally moved to another location.

To find the moved #AO folder, do an inventory search either for “#AO” (probably the simplest way), or in case that doesn't work, for one of the known animation names. The search will reveal both the original animation and any link to it. The link should reveal the location of the moved #AO folder. Check to see that the moved folder contains all the expected subfolders and animations.

To fix this:

First delete the new, empty folder as follows:

  1. Unprotect the new, empty #Firestorm → #AO folder by going to Advanced menu → Show Debug Settings. Type in ProtectAOFolders and set to False
  2. Delete the new, empty #Firestorm → #AO folder

Now move the full #AO folder back into the correct location as follows:

  1. Move the full #AO folder back into the #Firestorm folder
  2. Protect the full #AO folder by going to Advanced menu → Show Debug Settings. Type in ProtectAOFolders and set to True. (Note: if this doesn't work, a relog may be needed, followed by setting it to True.)
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