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Please note that this is still a work in progress.

separate play/pause buttons for music and media on the Top (menu) Bar

hovering over the media play button will bring this menu up where you can choose to click on the sprocket/gear icon to access the audio and sound preferences

There are several volume sliders available here so you can customize the levels for each, note that the master volume slider affects ALL volume

You can enable/disable Streaming music, Media and Voice Chat from the the check-boxes to the right of their respective volume sliders

Allow Media to Auto-Play > with this enabled media will play automatically (not recommended)

Allow resident scripts to play media >will allows scripts to automatically start media (not recommended)

Play media attached to other avatars > enables media attached to other avatars

Enable media filter > (increased security) this will let you control what media stream you connect to, allowing you to whitelist or blacklist any media stream.

  • Manage Media Sites (button) > allows you to edit your whitelist Domains and Black list Domains by Adding and Removing from either category.
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