If you find that your feet are in the ground - or conversely that you are floating above the ground, you can adjust your height to get yourself back where you should be.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Method One: Use the newer Hover Height adjustment:
    • Either: Right click your avatar, select Appearance, then Hover Height. A window opens. Use the slider to adjust your height above the ground, then close the window.
    • Or: go to Quick Prefs > Hover Height, and adjust the slider there.
  • Method Two: Use the old setting in your Shape: Right click yourself, select Appearance → Edit Shape. In the Body tab, scroll down to Hover. Adjust the value till your feet are touching the ground. Save changes by clicking the Save button.
    Naturally, your shape must be moddable for this to work. 4) You can find some useful tips at I Was Floored: Frequently Asked Support Question.

NOTE: Since this is a shape parameter and not a preference setting, it cannot be added to the QuickPrefs panel.
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