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Quick Preferences Panel

The Quick Preferences Panel provides fast access to commonly used settings and is accessed via a button on the bottom bar.

The Quick Preferences button can be added & removed from the bottom bar by right clicking the bar & ticking/unticking Quick Preferences.

Quick Preferences button

Activate it by clicking the button with the Firestorm logo shown on the image on the right. To disable it, press the button again, and it will appear released.

Docking and undocking the panel

On first click of the Quick Preferences button, the panel will open in a docked state.
Clicking any other viewer option or anything that causes the panel to lose focus will cause the panel to close.

When in a docked state you will see only a ? and - icon in the top bar of preferences panel.
Now drag the panel away from the bottom of your screen & you will see a downward arrow icon appear at the top.
The panel is now in an undocked state & will remain open unless you close it with the - icon or you click the Quick Preferences button again.

Unless redocked by clicking the downward arrow icon, the panel will always now open on screen at its last position.

Panel Layout

Quick Prefs Panel

  • Max Bandwidth: Set your network bandwidth in Kbps (see here for best setting).

Note: This setting has been removed on Metaharper skins.

  • Draw Distance: Change your draw distance.
  • Max Particles: Amount of particles to render.
  • Max Node Size: Maximum memory size limit for rendering NEW objects, in Kb. Anything over the limit will not be rendered. [Default is 8192]
  • LOD Factor: Controls level of detail of primitives (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail). [Ideal setting is 2.5-4]
  • Max Avatars: How many Avatars to fully render on screen. Lowering this greatly improves FPS in crowded situations. Requires Avatar Imposters to be on. [Default is 3 for low graphics & 12 for Mid/High/Ultra]
  • Height Offset: Use this to manipulate, to a degree, your avatar bounding box. This can be used to distort orbitors, or to raise you up or down without altering your shape. Very useful for when your AO animations have your feet sinking in the ground. [Known issue in Firestorm 2.5.2 (16748) that RLV needs to be enabled for Height Offset to work- see FIRE-1708]
  • Windlight Sky: Windlight sky settings. Use the < and > arrows to quickly scroll.
  • Windlight Water: Windlight water settings. Use the < and > arrows to quickly scroll.
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