If you get a black screen when opening Search, Web Profiles, or Destinations, then try the following:

  • Sometimes the window opens minimized at the top left; check to see if this is the case.
  • Go to PreferencesNetwork & Files -> Connection and ensure that the following are all enabled:
    • Enable Plugins
    • Enable cookies
    • Enable Javascript
  • If this is not enough to get search working then go to PreferencesPrivacy -> General and click on Clear History (top of the window). Then relog.
  • If this still doesn't help, then make sure that your anti-virus software hasn't flagged, and possibly deleted, SLPlugin.exe, which is required for search to work. Try disabling your anti-virus completely, then reinstalling Firestorm to a different folder. Once done, re-enable your anti-virus and make sure you set it to exclude SLPlugin.exe from being scanned.

Some other issues affecting search are covered here.

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