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Gesture Editor

Gesture Editor

This window opens whenever you edit or create a new gesture. Note that to modify a gesture you own, you need to have modify permission on it.

The top fields are as follows:

  • Description: An optional description explaining what the gesture does.
  • Trigger: Text shortcut to start the gesture. Triggers usually include / followed a few characters. A gesture must be active to be triggered: right-click the gesture in your inventory and choose Activate.
  • Replace with: Optional text output the trigger is replaced with. Useful for expanding abbreviations into phrases. For example, if your Trigger is /hi and your Replace with is Friendly greetings!, entering the trigger results in Friendly greetings! appearing in local chat.
  • Shortcut Key: Use the dropdowns to assign a keystroke that starts an Active gesture.

The Library section allows you to add animations, sounds, etxt chat or pauses (Wait) to the gesture. Select one, then click the Add » button. Only fully permissive animations and sounds can be used.

  • Animation: Choose an Animation to play. In some cases, especially animations that loop endlessly, you can make the animation Start or Stop.
  • Sound: Choose a Sound to play.
  • Chat: Type text in the Chat to say field.
  • Wait: Adds a pause between gesture Steps. Optionally, check until animations are done and/or enter time in seconds.

The Steps section is a list of actions to be performed when the gesture is started, given in sequence. Choose a step in the list and click Up or Down to move it. Click Remove to delete a step.

After editing:

  • Click Preview to see your gesture. This button changes to Stop if it doesn't have a definite end.
  • Check Active so your gesture can be triggered.
  • Click Save to confirm changes.

For more information on gestures, see this SL wiki page.


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