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Hot LL JIRA Issues Of The Day

Current Viewer Issues

This list will be constantly updated.
The aim is to keep a running list of the major Viewer 3 issues that also affect Firestorm.

  • DNS Issue, Mac specific
    VWR-26759 Viewer 3.0 Release - Avatar does not appear to be fully connected to inworld grid / major loss of functionality
  • DNS Issue, Windows specific
    VWR-25426 Friendlist displays users as Unknown or (loading), teleports fail, assets will not save
  • Teleports cause disconnect on Linux
    VWR-27790 Teleport always causes logout (Linux)
    NEW Affects all NVidia cards using 295.40 with 3d applications. Downgrading to ver 295.33 or below is recomended
  • Bakefail bug
    SH-744 [PUBLIC-JIRA-USERS] Avatar clothing change invisible to all inworld, but visible to me.
  • Bakfail bug
    SH-3025 Multiple tattoo layers will possibly cause avatar texture bake to malfunction
    FIRE-3727 [SH-3025] [MAINT-304] Multiple Tattoo layers cause other items not to rez - Bake fail
  • Memory crash
    SH-1650 [PUBLIC_JIRA_USERS] Widespread crash-to-desktop via llvertexbuffer.cpp(1005) - “memory allocation for vertex data failed” or Render Pool 15
    FIRE-4068: [CRASH] Error:llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp(1441):LLVertexBuffermapVertexBuffer:memory allocation for vertex data failed * Memory crash
    MAINT-693 Memory usage goes to 2 gig, graphics frame rate tanks, crash dump taken, viewer not responding
    FIRE-3967 [MAINT-693] newview/llappviewer.ccp(1619) : LLAppViwer
    mainLoop : Bad memory allocation in LLAppViewer mainLoop()! * Highres Snapshot Lines
    MAINT-628 Highres snapshot - Rendering artefact (Window sized frame buffer regardless of snapshot size)
    FIRE-4725: [MAINT-628] Highres snapshot - Rendering artefact (Window sized frame buffer regardless of snapshot size). DoF and AA bug visible on our photos * Texture picker
    STORM-983 No-transfer textures not searchable via texture picker * Animations when avatar imposters disabled
    VWR-16694 Avatars start moving extremely fast if far range or I zoom out with the camera
    FIRE-3657: Avatar animations are faster at a distance * Boobs!
    VWR-25625 Physics layer worn at login causes avatar skin and clothing distortion
    FIRE-2975: Breasts keep deforming in Firestorm 3.0.1 (22430) on other avatars after both tp. * Boobs!
    VWR-25545 Avatar Physics Vary Extremely With Different Framerates * Crash on logout (usually)
    VWR-28620 Viewer 3.3.0 CONTINUES to crash on exit: ERROR: LLRender
    loadIdentity: ASSERT (mMatrixMode < NUM_MATRIX_MODES)
    FIRE-5577 [VWR-28620] [MAINT-861] [CRASH] ERROR: IIrender/IIrender.cpp(1437) : LLRender::loadIdentity: ASSERT (mMatrixMode < NUM_MATRIX_MODES)
  • Right click Mesh crash
    VWR-28607 / MAINT-825 [CRASH] Right click linked mesh → crash to desktop on V3 Dev build 3.3.1 (250772) [ATI 12.2 Catalyst drivers issue]
    FIRE-5569 [VWR-28607] [CRASH] Right click linked mesh → crash to desktop [ATI 12.2 Catalyst drivers issue]
  • CPU 100%
    VWR-28388 CPU 100%
    FIRE-4972 CPU usage is 50-100%, fluctuating rapidly, tried all the fixes from group, set affinty to one core each of them ran 55-80 but less fluctuation and not reaching 100 with only one going
  • Wearing entire inventory
    VWR-28494 Wearing Folder Occasionally Equips Entire Inventory!
    FIRE-4941 [VWR-28494] “Right Click → Add” adds -EVERYTHING- wearing full inventory
  • No rotation rings in edit
    VWR-28498 Rotate GUI graphics seem to keep disappearing after about 5-10 min on building tool.
    FIRE-4396 [VWR-28498] [MAINT-762] Prim Edit mode rotation guides not showing in every instance of editing a prim, on multiple sim, while worn and on the ground editing.
  • Broken system skirts/eyelashes in deferred
    VWR-28533 Lighting and Shadows causes strange alpha issue with skirts and eyelashes
    FIRE-4082 [VWR-28533] System skirt / Transparency - Alpha Interaction
  • Animated textures
    MAINT-615 Texture animation is broken when combined with transparency alone on a box and transparency combined with prim edits such as dimple on a sphere.
    FIRE-3539 Problem with animated textures on Mesh Beta
  • Animated textures
    VWR-28409 Texture animations ignore repeats per face (llTextureAnim())
  • Animated textures
    VWR-27836 Texture animation stops when zoomed in, restarts when zoomed out.
  • Invisiprims broken in deferred
    SH-2720 [davep_shining-fixes] Invisprims are not being rendered while Lighting and Shadows is enabled
    FIRE-3222 [SH-2720] Invisible Prims don't work wth mesh beta correctly
  • Receive group notices and show in profile checkbox setting
    VWR-28578 Receive Group Notices checkbox keeps being re-checked despite several attempts to uncheck
    FIRE-2323 Unchecking recieve group notices does not save
    VWR-29234 Viewer loses all settings regarding “Receive Group Notices” after EVERY crash or relog– VERY annoying
  • Mesh avatars deform shape
    VWR-28458 Mesh avatars can corrupt the shape when unworn
  • Flexi Prims
    VWR-28415 Flexible prims seems to be less flexible with last 2 updates
    FIRE-2195 [SH-2977] Flexi-Prim Movement in FS
  • Mac Shadows
    VWR-28359 Shadow is not displayed in viewer 3.2.8 (Mac)
    FIRE-5607 [MAC SHADOWS] [VWR-28359] Light and Shadows and Depth of Field broken on FS 4, worked on FS 3 FIXED ON THE 4.1.1 FIRESTORM RELEASE
  • Female torso muscles
    VWR-28308 Female Avatar Torso Muscles Bug
    FIRE-1151 cannot change muscle above 50, female avi.
  • Posting snap to profile feed on Linux
    VWR-28039 Posting snapshot to Profile Feed does not work under Linux
    FIRE-5368 [PATCH] [VWR-28039/EXP-1575] Posting Snapshot to Profile Feed does not work under Linux
  • Edit terrain gone
    VWR-27913 Viewer versions 3.2.6 and later no longer include the “Allow Other Residents to Edit Terrain” option.
    FIXED Firestorm 4.2.2 release
  • Error message
    VWR-25566 New error message mentions “need to restart Second Life and log into a new region for the next 30 minutes to an hour”
  • Blurry mesh textures
    SH-3033 Once clear mesh textures turn blurry upon relogging
  • Jumping rigged mesh
    SH-3013 Rigged meshes jump up and down
  • Alpha layer glitch - Mac Leopard only
    SH-2679 Alpha layers not behaving properly on Developer build (Mac)
    FIRE-3868 [SH] Alpha clothing layers not behaving properly on FSOGL
  • Viewer freeze when taking snapshot Ubuntu 12.04 only
    VWR-28846 Viewer 3.3.1 freezes on taking picture attempt
    FIRE-6171 [VWR-28846] [UBUNTU 12.04] Viewer freezed when taking a snapshot FIXED ON THE 4.1.1 FIRESTORM RELEASE
  • No login screen buttons - AMD HD graphic cards
    VWR-28761 Second Life does not start with AMD HD graphic cards and latest Catalyst 12.3 drivers
  • Fontconfig 2.9.0 LINUX ONLY
    STORM-1854 Linux Viewer crashes on startup after update to Fontconfig 2.9.0
    FIRE-6327 [STORM-1854] Linux Viewer crashes on startup after update to Fontconfig 2.9.0: Assertion `result != ((void *)0)' failed
  • Inventory stuck fetching, cant rez, till relog
    VWR-28897 Inventory starts “Fetching” again after its initial loading and never stops
    FIRE-6493 [VWR-28897] Inventory does not stop loadiing
    Probably only affecting 4.1.1 post 3.3.1 merge
  • ATI 12.6 driver crash
    VWR-29208 Display Driver Stops Responding, AMD/ATI Based System
    FIRE-6957 [VWR-29208] Crashes 12.6 ATI drivers - Display Driver Stops Responding, AMD/ATI Based System NEW 15/07/2012
  • Blue tinted screen
    VWR-29423 Second Life Viewer start turns screen blue when using Nvidia 304.30 driver.

Server Issues

  • SVC-7655 Support for non-premium members
  • SVC-7129 Attachments to group notices malfunction after some time.
    FIRE-1248: Firestorm no longer seems to open notecards and things from notices without going directly into the group and notice
  • SVC-7381 Unable to Delete Folders Placed Outside of the “My Inventory” Folder
  • SVC-6608 Group created possibly involves “invalid character” preventing Login.
  • SVC-7442 Voice appearing to be estate-disabled in many regions
  • SVC-7528 Group Notices to email fails constantly
  • SVC-6193 Avatar gets stuck in world after user logs out
  • SVC-4968 Group won't load - too many members
  • SVC-3811 Sit disabled on prims that are: inside a prim's bounding box (eg, phantom prim).
  • CHOP-849 Multiple inventory system folders
  • SVC-7834 Filtering by object name or owner name in top scripts/top colliders no longer works FIXED
  • SVC-7847 Top Scripts Refresh in Region/Estate Tools Broken FIXED
  • VWR-26110 Display Names Enabled Breaks Filters In Top Scripts & Top Colliders in Region/Estate Above fixed but this viewer bug is still active
  • SVC-7853 Newly created notecards dont auto open in the viewer on, BlueSteel or Le Tigre regions FIX PENDING
  • SVC-7858 Items arriving in inventory don't become focused in the inventory window, when taking objects Marked Fixed, but it isnt
  • SVC-7862 Saving a notecard containing an embedded item in a prim renders it blank or it locks with a no mod icon
  • SVC-7915 When editing a notecard within an object, sitting on the object breaks the connection between the open notecard floater and the object, causing notecard edits not to be saved.
  • SVC-7870 Edit Linked Parts isn't returning creator/owner
  • WEB-4678 Regions not showing in inworld search
  • SVC-7032 Parcel will not remain in Places in the search (tickbox keeps reverting) Reopened 01/05/2012
  • SVC-7898 After rezzing object from trash it becomes unrezzable
  • SVC-7907 “Restore to last position” TPV feature appears broken if you dont have rez rights at <0,0,0> on the region
  • SVC-7909 Wrong parcel name used with 'Can't rez object .. because the owner of this land does not allow it' error message
  • SVC-7902 Problem of not being able to rez on my land continues FIXED (Fix is dubious however. See below issue for where to report now)
  • SVC-8026 Simulator incorrectly reports that build is disabled when rezzing on a parcel that allows anybody to build
  • SVC-8050 Crossing between BlueSteel sims and sims running different simulator versions causes loss of animation offsets NEW 15/07/2012
  • FIRE-6950 [SVC-8050] Animations partially mess up following region change - Crossing between BlueSteel sims and sims running different simulator versions causes loss of animation offsets
  • SVC-8124 Excessive “ParcelOverlay reliable” messages sent by regions since last rolling restart (2012-08-08) NEW 11/08/2012
  • SVC-8136 Attachment point pelvis not being released - “Attach failed because object already attached.” NEW 21/08/2012 bug rolled to main grid today, was previously Magnum only
  • SVC-8208 L$ received notification not appearing when on an RC region RC's only New 02/09/2012

Deploys-for-the-week-of-2012-09-124 UPDATED 2012-09-124

Pathfinding Issues

  • Mesh objects (such as vehicles) cannot physically cross from a pathfinding region into a non-pathfinding region, due to the upgrade to a newer version of the Havok physics engine
  • Fast vehicles can snag on the terrain (which now collides as a mesh shape instead of a heightfield)
  • Certain small physical objects can fall through the terrain surface
  • After the terrain is edited, the physics engine several needs to 'rebake' the terrain to reflect the new shape, due to the new physics modeling system.
  • PATHBUG-156[c] Hacked mixed volumedetect linksets become non-phantom after the region is rolled back from pathfinding to a non-pathfinding version
  • PATH-796[c] Linking a flexi prim as a child of a non-flexi causes the flexi prim to go non-phantom.
  • PATH-794[c] some parcel operations can clear “no object entry” settings without flagging the navmesh for update
  • PATH-787[c] navmesh can stitch up no-object-entry parcels across region boundaries
  • PATH-784[c] Editing the shape parameters of PHYSICS_SHAPE_TYPE_NONE child prims in navmeshy linksets via build tool incorrectly cause the navmesh to be marked dirty
  • PATH-651[c] Pathfinding characters silently fail when crossing into a region with dynamic_pathfinding disabled
  • PATH-630[c] llSetLocalRot() fails in the root prims of characters
  • PATH-538[c] Character mass as reported by LSL scripts is bogus
  • PATH-536[c] The simulator allows navmesh-contributing objects to be worn as attachments, which causes navmesh properties on the object to be reset.
  • PATH-351[c] Ugly avatar animations are triggered when terraforming terrain that an avatar is standing on
  • PATH-345[c] path_update event is not triggered (with parameters 0, then 1) when object crosses region boundary into the north or east and FORCE_DIRECT_PATH=TRUE

Marketplace and Direct Delivery Issues

  • WEB-4660 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Windows build
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • WEB-4598 Market Place Direct Delivery - sending items bought multiple times
  • WEB-4587 Incorrect items showing up on my marketplace store from other merchants but with my listing texture and vice versa
  • WEB-4554 Test Delivery Items - Contents inside an Object, or Items inside Boxes, do NOT show next owner permissions
  • WEB-4457 Failed Deliveries when Marketplace Shopping Cart is used
  • WEB-4412 Marketplace Outbox Upload fails silently
  • WEB-4260 SLM deliveries consistantly delayed in early morning hours

Most of the bugs in this section are now fixed in Firestorm with the new LL Shining code fixes
This list of bugs will only affect users on Firestorm 3.2.1 and earlier

  • SH-2322 Shiny/Bump Maps/Alpha Textures all glitching since release of dynamic shadows etc
  • SH-2268 Avatar, apart from prim components, flickers in and out of visibility
  • SH-2306 Window goes to blinding white when shadows are turned on
  • SH-2200 [PUBLIC] BSOD on WinVista when Basic Shaders are enabled
  • SH-1838 [PUBLIC] Black Screen when I enable Lighting and Shadows
  • SH-2276 SL 2.7.x - 3.0.1 (tested) crashes NVIDIA GTX 460 if Basic Shaders are enabled
  • SH-2336 Underwater eyes turn black
  • SH-2334 Avatar eyeballs do not render with shadows enabled on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • SH-2337 Version 3.0 Shadows Mode makes some objects / textures invisible
  • SH-2279 Rezzed items all Black after Beta 2.7 update
  • VWR-26347 Textures all Black, and not loading at all
  • SH-2079 [PUBLIC] Sculpted prims not loading correctly
  • SH-2032 [PUBLIC] Viewer hangs at launch or after moving avatar (Lion)
  • SH-2031 [PUBLIC] Persistent Viewer 2 Framerate “Stutter”
  • SH-1951 [PUBLIC] Disabling Basic Shaders Now Changes Terrain Appearance
  • VWR-26435 Glow not working correctly after Lights and Shadows is disabled
  • SH-2412 ATI graphics cards are not using onboard ram properly.
  • SH-2401 Shadows enabled, drop-box still disabled
  • SH-2240 As OpenGL, I want applications to not use the fixed function, because it is deprecated.
  • SH-2396 “Basic Shaders” creating artifacts on alpha layer
  • VWR-27037 Windows imposed time limit (TDR) is exceeded due to excessive graphics workload
  • SH-2481 ATI Radeon HD 4500 card memory not allowed in Viewer3
  • SH-2650 Eye popping bug - it's back!
  • SH-2377 My avatar keeps disappearing when I turn on the Bump Mapping and Shiny option in the Graphics preferences tab.
  • SH-2402 stretching bug - second life mesh avatar
  • SH-2568 bug - mesh pending on rigged meshes
  • STORM-1635 [Formerly Bug VWR-26864] Recent commit to Snowstorm project introduces frequent errors and crashes associated with private memory pool.
  • VWR-25594 Textures with alpha channels appear at full glow instead
  • VWR-26118 “Ocean” water is always 20m high instead of the Region Water Height (FIRE-1347)
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