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HTTP Inventory Issues

NOTE: Firestorm 4.7.1 and later do not have the setting described below; it was removed for the reasons explained here. So you can read for information, if you like, but there is nothing here you can actually do, if using that version.

Inventory problems when HTTP Inventory is disabled, on RC regions since the rollouts on 25 March and the entire grid as of 7 April.

If you are on any viewer which has HTTP Inventory disabled, you will experience severe inventory problems, including:

  • Inventory failing to fetch and remaining in a constantly “fetching…” state.
  • Avatar will remain a cloud.
  • Unable to rez anything inworld.
  • Unable to rename any mod asset in inventory.

See comments on this SL JIRA. This affects all viewers including the LL viewer. It is not limited to pre-AIS3 viewers.

To resolve, enable HTTP Inventory in top menu, Develop → HTTP Inventory. (If you have the Develop menu disabled, enable it with Ctrl-Alt-Q, or via Preferences → Advanced → Show Developer Menu.) Having done this, relog.

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