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HUDs Are Not Working

There are griefing objects that can be rezzed on a region; anyone who goes there will have their HUDs and all other scripted attachments put into a non-running state. For instance: a HUD for a mesh body, and all the mesh body parts you are wearing, may be broken at the same time.

You might also have been affected by what appears to be a server-side bug: BUG-41379.

Below are things you can try to get the HUDs working again. First of all, relog then test the HUD(s) again. That may be enough. If not, read on.

Things to try:

  • Check for location issues:
    • Make sure you are in a region that has scripts enabled.
    • Go to other regions and test the HUDs there. This will rule out technical problems with the original region.
    • If you have RLV enabled, disable it (Preferences → Firestorm, top option), relog, then try again.

Stay in a script-enabled region to do all of the following:

  • Attempt to get scripts running:
    • Try removing and reattaching the HUDs.
    • If the HUDs are modifiable, try resetting them or setting their scripts to running: Inventory, right-click the item → Edit, and while it is in Edit, go to Build menu → Scripts → Reset Scripts, or Build menu → Scripts→ Set Scripts to Running).
  • Identify broken HUDs:
    • Try removing all the HUDs and testing them one at a time: test each one, then remove it, then test another.
    • If you have original copies of the HUDs, try detaching the ones you are currently wearing and using a fresh copy from the original.
    • If a HUD is no-mod and you can't get it to start running again, and you don't have another copy, you will need to request a new copy from the creator.
    • Note: If the non-working HUDs are for your mesh body parts (or other scripted attachments), you probably will need to use fresh copies of the HUDS and the body parts – every part, from scratch.
  • Check for interference:
    • Look in Inventory > Current Outfit folder, and see if you are wearing any HUDs you were not aware of. (Note: HUDS do not necessarily have “HUD” in the name.) This could include temporary “Experience” HUDS that you may not be aware were attached.18)
    • Check that HUDs are not overlapping each other on the screen (and so preventing you from clicking).
  • Check for issues with attachment points:
    • If any HUDs are sharing the same HUD attachment point, try moving them to separate HUD attachment points:
      Inventory → Right-click → Detach from Yourself, then Inventory → Right-click → Attach to HUD, and choose an unused point.
    • Even if they are not sharing attachment points, try moving them to different attachment points.
  • Test basic functionality:
    1. Rez a fresh cube
    2. Add the default script to it
    3. Take it into inventory
    4. Attach it to a HUD point
    5. Touch the HUD and see if there is script output in Local chat.
18) Temp HUDS have been known to freeze other HUDs on the same attachment point.
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