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Firestorm Message of the Day.

I missed it! Make it come back!

Oh hi! I didn't see you come in! You're probably here because you missed the message of the day. It went by to fast, it was to long, or you clicked a link in a goofy motd set up to get you here!

Anyway, if you missed the message of the day and would like to see it again;
At the top of your screen find the “Content” menu and click it.
In the menu that drops down, way down at the bottom select, “Message of the Day”.

There it is, in your local chat as a system message.

[11:28:02] [Firestorm Tip! Did you know you ca… Stop… Wait… Go back… I didn't get to read it all! Grrrr! Clickies!]

You can also scroll down this page and see ALL the current messages of the day in both the “tips and help” and “events” message of the day rotations. (I keep this page bookmarked as a fast reference to important wiki pages.)

About the Message of the Day.

The Firestorm Message of the Day is currently running on a rotation of thirty four preset tips and help messages or a varying amount of event messages of the day. All of which are displayed at random when you log in depending on which “MotD Cartridge” is loaded. Go ahead, try it, relog, and unless the message of the day is promoting a special event1) you'll see something different.

The preset messages of the day are split between tips to make your Firestorm Viewer experience more efficient and enjoyable and help topics to help resolve common Firestorm Viewer issues.

I'll list the message of the day presets below so you can see what's in the rotation.

Event Messages of the Day.

These are the current messages of the day for events which are currently running and have been approved for a Firestorm message of the day;

MOTD: ORG: Sci-Fi Mini Expo
The Sci-Fi Mini-Expo in support of The American Cancer Society and the RFL of SL is a Holiday Season event running Oct 28 to Jan 7! Click for more!

Preset Messages of the Day.

These are displayed randomly and are broken down into two groups;

Tips: Which provide tips on how to get the most out of the Firestorm Viewer and are meant to improve your Second Life experience in some way.

Help: Which provide assistance on self resolving common Firestorm problems which are seen the most in the Firestorm Viewer help groups. These may have also been requested by the Firestorm Support Team at some point.

I'll break them into the same groups below;

Firestorm Message of the Day, Firestorm Tips!

MOTD: TIP: Firestorm Classes 1
Did you know Firestorm has classes on how to use the Firestorm viewer? We even have an open question and answer session after each class!

MOTD: TIP: Firestorm Classes 2
Did you know Firestorm offers classes on how to get the most out of the Firestorm viewer? Click to find out more about these classes and when they are!

MOTD: TIP: Avatar Complexity
Firestorm tip! Why is my friend a colored shape? What is this complexity popup thingy? Click here to find out more about this lag reducing feature!

MOTD: TIP: FS Bridge, Trolls Not Included
Firestorm Tip! How is the Firestorm Bridge enhancing your Firestorm experience without your even knowing it? Click here to find out!

MOTD: TIP: Can Not Log in to SL
Firestorm Tip! Can't log into Second Life? STOP! DO NOT reinstall firestorm! Save yourself a lot of trouble and check here first for possible grid issues

MOTD: TIP: Contact Sets
Firestorm Tip! Contact Sets allow you to organize friends and non friends into manageable groups and categories! Learn more about them at

MOTD: TIP: IM Tab Sorting
Firestorm tip! Did you know you can click and drag your IM tabs in the conversations window to sort them to your liking. For more chat tricks see

MOTD: TIP: Customizable Quickprefs
Firestorm tip! Did you know you can add your most commonly used settings to the Quick Prefs?

MOTD: TIP: Missed the MotD
Firestorm Tip! Did you know you ca… Stop… Wait… Go back… I didn't get to read it all! Grrrr! Clickies!

MOTD: TIP: Outfits
Firestorm tip! Did you know the Outfits feature can help you quickly change what you're wearing without digging around in your inventory?

MOTD: TIP: Camera Controls
Firestorm tip! Something catching your eye? Hold down your ALT key and click it, then roll your mouse wheel! Interested in more? See

MOTD: TIP: Toolbars
Firestorm tip! Did you know you can add your commonly used Firestorm windows and floaters to the toolbars?

MOTD: TIP: SL World Search
Firestorm tip! Looking for something in world but, can't find it? Try a search!

MOTD: TIP: Replace Links
Firestorm tip! Gah my inventory links are borkened! Have no fear, Replace Links are here! Fix those broken links,

MOTD: TIP: Skins
Firestorm tip! Wanna change the way firestorm looks? Then change it!

MOTD: TIP: Settings Backup
Firestorm tip! Better safe than… NOOOOOOO! You should regularly back up your Firestorm settings. You never know when….

MOTD: TIP: Auto Replace
Firestrom tip! Firestone? Firestorm! If only Firestorm had an auto replace. Oh wait, it does!

MOTD: TIP: Preference Search
Firestorm tip! Is a Firestorm setting playing hide and seek and causing you to pull out your hair? Find it fast with preference search!

MOTD: TIP: Chat Shortcuts
Firestorm tip! Did you know when chatting you can hold down your ctrl key when you press enter to shout and the shift key to whisper?

MOTD: TIP: Keyword Alerts
Firestorm tip! Did you miss a message in chat? Did someone say your name while you were doing something else? Check out Keyword Alerts!

Firestorm Tip! Did you know Firestorm has its own wiki? Find out how features work, how to fix common viewer issues and more! Check it out, bookmark it, study it!

Firestorm Message of the Day, Firestorm Help!

MOTD: HELP: Bakefail Badness
Firestorm Help! Are you feeling overly misty as an orange cloud? Are you missing your avatar? Are you thinking, clouds belong in the sky, not on me! Click here to fix the cloud

MOTD: HELP: Camera Messed Up
Firestorm Help! HALP! I know my head looks awesome but I'm stuck staring down at the top of it! Why am I staring at my butt? What is wrong with my camera?! click click clickie!

MOTD: HELP: Teleporting Woes
Firestorm Help! What is up with these teleport fails? Disconnected?! OMG again! Click here to help prevent TP issues!

MOTD: HELP: Slow Rezzing
Firestorm Help! Did you know many common rezzing problems can be solved by you? Clickies!

MOTD: HELP: Slow Rezzing Mesh
Firestorm Help! Did you know many common mesh rezzing problems can be solved by you? Clickies!

MOTD: HELP: Getting Help NAO
Firestorm Help! HALP! My Firestorm is broken and I need help NAO! Have no fear, click here!

MOTD: HELP: Getting Help Dont Panic
Firestorm Help! Sudden viewer problems? Not sure what to do? Don't panic, check out our wiki:

MOTD: HELP: Voice Issues
Firestorm Help! Have you lost your voice? Firestorm voice not working for you? You should drink a tall glass of

MOTD: HELP: Rick and Morty Lost Login Info
Oh geez, Rick, Firestorm lost my login info again! Well, Morty, try starting here to fix it,

MOTD: HELP: Help Help Help You
Firestorm Help! Need help? Help us help you! Learn how to use the Firestorm support group to get the best help!

MOTD: HELP: Second Life Account Questions
Firestorm Help! Need help with your Second Life account matters? Go to Avatar Menu - Account, or login to your Dashboard at

MOTD: HELP: Dont Clear Your Cache
Firestorm Help! Having viewer problems? Please don't clear your cache or reinstall the viewer as the first thing you try. Instead, see this page for how to get help

MOTD: HELP: Missing Inventory
Firestorm Help! Ummmm, I know I had more things in my inventory than this! Help! I'm missing inventory! what can I do?


This section is changing as we speak!

* if a main MOTD is set, that one is always shown
* if random MOTDs are set and no main MOTD is set, they will be randomly shown at login and during TP
* if an event MOTD is set, that is always shown at login and then, during TP either the main MOTD or one of the random MOTDs

A 1 - 7 in the MotD priority list.
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