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Viewer Not Responding

This is a known issue with Vista and Windows 7, 64-bit Operating System and affects other programs in addition to Second Life viewers.

Please try the following - but NOT while logged in.

Vista / Windows 7

  • Go to the Start button
  • Type services.msc and then press enter.
  • Wait until the services window pops up.
  • You may have to expand the window a bit to see the services.
  • Look for DesktopWindowManager.
    • If it is running, right click it and select Stop. Wait until it stops.
    • You will probably see your desktop transparency window borders go flat. No worries.
  • Right click again and select Properties.
    • In the Startup type, select Manual. Click OK.

Window 8

No cause, or solution, for this issue has as yet been identified.

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