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Region Details - Estate Tab

Region Details - Estate Tab

This tab deals primarily with access control to the region/estate you own or manage. If the estate comprises several regions, changes made will optionally be applied to all regions.

The top lines are informative: the who the name of the estate and the estate owner.

The next section concerns broad access rights and options:

  • Allow public access: If enabled, then any resident may access the region/estate - unless otherwise excluded (see below for ban lists). If this is unchecked, then only residents who are specifically allowed in other sections of this tab, will be allowed access. Blocking access this way overrides any parcel access controls that might be set.
  • Restrict Access to accounts verified by: These settings add global restrictions:
    • Payment Information on File: If enabled, residents will have to have payment info on file with LL in order to gain access to the region/estate.
    • Age Verification: If enabled, residents will have to be age verified in order to gain access to the region/estate. This can be independently of marking a region as Adult in the Region Tab.
  • Allow Voice Chat: If enabled, resident will be able to use local voice chat; otherwise this will not be available (thought private voice IM will be).
  • Allow Direct Teleport: Lets Residents teleport to specific locations within your estate's regions. If you want to force visitors to arrive at a specific area in the estate, disable this and use a telehub. If this is enabled, parcels can still set landing points.

The four lists below manage specific inclusions and exclusions to estate access. Below each are two buttons:

  • Add: Opens the Avatar Selector to allow you to select people to add to the list.
  • Remove: Removes the currently selected avatar(s) from the list.
  • Estate Managers: The estate/region owner may specify up to 10 people who can manage the estate on their behalf. Only the owner can add/remove people here. Estate rights gives a great deal of power, so be very careful before granting such rights to anyone.
  • Allowed Residents: Here you can specify individuals who will have access to the estate/region. (Note that allowed avatars may be banned at parcel level.)
  • Allowed groups: Clicking Add will open the Groups Selector, which you can use to add up to 63 groups. Members of these groups will be allowed access to the region/estate.
  • Banned Residents: If you wish to prevent people from accessing the region/estate, they may be added here.

Finally, two buttons:

  • Send Message to Estate: Allows a message to be broadcast to the entire estate.
  • Kick Resident from Estate: Opens the Avatar Selector to allow you to select someone to be expelled from the region/estate. Note: This doesn't automatically add the person to the list of banned users.

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