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Pathfinding Server Bugs

  • The collision pipeline has been reorganized.
    This may affect avatar collisions/control, vehicle movement, and collision callbacks in LSL scripts.
  • The terrain collision shape has been changed from a “heightfield” to a “mesh” to provide more efficient collisions, ray-trace, and navmesh computations
    • This may change some collision details
    • When changing the terrain its visible appearance will update immediately, but its collision shape will not.
    • The server will wait at least 10 seconds since the last change before computing the new shape, and the computation time may take several seconds.
    • Where there is a discrepancy between visible and colliding terrain shapes, object and avatar collisions may appear incorrect.
  • After the terrain is edited, the physics engine needs to 'rebake' the terrain to reflect the new shape, due to the new physics modeling system.
  • New accounting system for legacy prims
    • All legacy-style prims have their streaming cost capped at 1.0 (except for sculpts, which will be capped at 2.0).
      This provides the benefit of not penalizing prim-based creators for optimizing their content by opting into the new system and will make the streaming cost more reflective of the true network cost of the objects.
    • Server cost will be adjusted to MIN{ (0.5*num_prims) + (0.25 * num_scripts), num_prims }.
      This preserves the current value for unscripted linksets and reduce the cost for linksets containing fewer than 2*num_prims scripts.
      It provides the benefit of rewarding creators for reducing the number of scripts in their objects.
    • More info here
    • Some discussion of the new costing starts at message 62 on this page
  • Excessive collision sounds
    PATHBUG-67 Collision sound spam when avatar pushes a character FIXED 06/08/2012
  • Behaviour change/breakage of Phantom child scripts
    PATHBUG-69 llVolumeDetect(TRUE) is broken
    PATHBUG-156 Hacked mixed volumedetect linksets become non-phantom after the region is rolled back from pathfinding to a non-pathfinding version FIX IN PROGRESS
    PATHBUG-180 Land Impact abnormalities when setting Physical Shape Type to 'none' NEW 08/08/2012
    PATHBUG-181 llVolumeDetect() does not keep the prim phantom NEW 10/08/2012
  • Some physical objects (eg pets, SLenga) may need updating or will be broken with Pathfinding
    PATHBUG-116 Physical Objects Fall Through Terrain Mesh
    PATHBUG-130 The game “SLenga” breaks on Second Life RC PF
  • Client Phantom mode is broken
    PATHBUG-122 Ground Sit in a pathfinding region causes appearance to not match real location
    This bug is fixed for Groundsit, but not for Client Phantom.
  • Broken sit targets
    PATHBUG-179 llUnSit() moves avatar to incorrect position (a clamped object_position + sit_target) if object_position + sit_target is outside the sim boundaries and the sat-upon object is rotated FIX IN PROGRESS
  • Flexi prim behaviour
    PATH-796 Linking a flexi prim as a child of a non-flexi causes the flexi prim to go non-phantom.
  • Strange avatar animations when terraforming
    PATH-351 Ugly avatar animations are triggered when terraforming terrain that an avatar is standing on
  • No object entry issues
    PATH-794 Some parcel operations can clear “no object entry” settings without flagging the navmesh for update
    PATH-787 Navmesh can stitch up no-object-entry parcels across region boundaries
  • “invalid force in llApplyAngularImpulse” error
    SCR-372 “invalid force in llApplyAngularImpulse” bug on pathfinding

Linden Lab responses to some of these issues can be found HERE

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