Area Search

Thanks to Odin Ordram for this

Area search is a feature of Phoenix that tries to locate items near to you, based on the objects' names, owners, active group, and/or descriptions.


Area Search is experimental. It may not always work as expected. Also, it can only report what your client viewer knows…
So if things change their names, it might take a long while for your client to update with the asset server, Area Search may not
find them, or may continue to find them even after the name change. Finally, the behavior of Area Search has been changed
without warning several times. Still, it's the best way anyone knows, to cheat at Hunts :)


- Menu ⇒ Phoenix ⇒ Area Search
- Enter the criteria. At present the criteria are:

  • Name query chunk - Objects nearby whose Name partially or fully matches the string provided here, will be shown
  • Owner query chunk - Objects nearby whose Owner partially or fully matches the string provided here, will be shown
  • Description query chunk - Objects nearby whose “Description” field partially or fully matches, will be shown
  • Group query chunk - Objects nearby that partially or fully matches the group with the string entered, will be shown

In all versions of Phoenix with this feature, each entry will Filter, this means if you enter “Object” as Name, and “Thor Furuseth” only the objects containing “object” and that is made by “Thor Furuseth” will show up. - Press the “Search” button
- Be patient.

Area search takes a long time to run. Area search may be slow, so be patient.
A list of objects that match the search criteria will be displayed. Now you can double-click on any one of these items, and a red “location” arrow will appear, pointing to the object whose name was clicked.
Reload closes the window and cleans up the list and queries.

Bugs and noteworthy behavior

1. In some versions of Phoenix, only items which are selected will be searched.
2. Once an object has a name, found here, changing the name of the object won't be noticed by the Area Search feature. That is, if the object was named “WALL” the first time that Area Search noticed it, the particular object (UUID) remains stuck with that name for searches, even if you change the name of the object with Edit.
3. Area search will NOT find temporary items.
4. String matching is case-independent.
5. There is no good way to search for objects that are NOT in any group.

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