Enhanced Avatar Breast Physics

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Avatar Breasts Physics Setup

Phoenix offers a visual effect that provides a more natural look for female avatars. When moving or playing an animation, the avatar breasts will move according to inertia and simple physics calculations, creating the illusion of natural body mass movement.

To set up Enhanced Avatar Breast Physics
  1. Open Preferences (ctrl + p or edit → preferences)
  2. Open the Phoenix tab (bottom left tab in preferences)
  3. Go to page 2 in the tabs (top row of tabs)
  4. On the second row of tabs, choose Effects
  5. Click the “Enable enhanced physics on avatar breasts” checkbox
  6. Click Apply or OK
Enhanced physics offers the following customization options:
  1. Breast Mass - Overall breast mass amplifies the effect. A higher value will seemingly increase the total effect.
  2. Breast Rebound - Controls how quickly the breasts will come to rest after any movement, thereby affecting breast firmness and bounciness.
  3. Breast Max Vel - Controls the amount of momentum. A lower value will decrease the bouncing effect.
  4. Breast Friction - Controls the internal friction that brings the breasts to a halt. A higher value will halt movement faster.
  5. Breast Min Vel - Percentage of the Max Vel that will not affect breast physics.
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