Build Presets

Note this information only applies to releases before

The build presets tab (Edit → Preferences → Phoenix → Page 1 → Build) permits the user to alter the default state of a built prim and contains the following options:

  • Object Size
  • Settings
  • Texture
  • Embed item
  • Pivot Points
Object Size

Adjust the X, Y, & Z values to the desired default prim size.

  • Adjust the state of the default prim to phantom, physical, or temporary
  • Choose the default prim material from the drop-down menu
  • Adjust the default prim texture and color
  • Adjust the default prim texture attributes, such as alpha, glow, full bright, and intensity (drop-down menu)
Embed Item

Enabling “embed an item into the newly created object” and dropping an item into the window places that item in every prim by default. This feature eliminates the necessity of manually adding a script, landmark, or notecard to the default prim after it is built. In essence, it automates the process for the user.

Pivot Point
  • Adjust the default prim X, Y, Z pivot positions
  • If selected, values can be in percentage
Additional options
  • Enabling highlighting of selected prims: if this feature is disabled there will be no highlighting of selected prims
  • The axis arrow can now show on the root prim position if this feature is enabled
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