Doing a Clean Reinstall

There are times when you may wish to do a clean reinstall of Phoenix - or a support team member might request it, as part of a trouble shooting procedure.

Uninstall All Viewers

The steps given below refer to Phoenix specifically, but please do the same for all viewers you currently have installed, to ensure that you have no corrupted data that a new install of Phoenix might pick up.


You may use the Add/Remove Programs panel to remove Phoenix, or simply delete the entire installation folder. This is typically located at: C:\Program Files\Phoenix Viewer. You will be left with the folder in the Start menu, however. which is why it is preferable to uninstall as previously described. This is the way all other Second Life viewers should be uninstalled.


The Phoenix install directory will be whereever you extracted the download archive to. Typically this will be in your home directory somewhere, such as ~/Apps/Phoenix/ - delete this folder and everything inside it.


Remove Phoenix from Applications. Then go to User/Library/Application Support and delete any file(s) called Phoenix. That done, look in User/Library/Caches, and again remove any file(s) names Phoenix.

Clearing Settings

Phoenix settings can become corrupt, particularly if you recently crashed; the files may not save completely, so important information can become “scrambled”. For this reason, wiping your settings, while “painful”, may be necessary. Here is how:

  • Use a file manager (like Windows Explorer for Windows system, Dolphin, or some such) to locate the settings folder. In its default location, the folder is hidden on most OSs. To find it, you will need to show hidden folders. Now you need to locate the settings folder:
    • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\Application Data\SecondLife
    • Windows Vista: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife
    • Windows 7: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife
    • Mac: /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/SecondLife
    • linux: ~/.secondlife
  • To preserve things like saved chat logs, rename the SecondLife folder - for example, append the current date to the name, such as: SecondLife-12Nov2010 If you do not need to save chat logs, then simply delete the entire folder named SecondLife, and everything inside it.

Manually Clearing Cache

IMPORTANT: If you have created a cache for Phoenix outside of the SecondLife folder, then delete everything inside it now.

The default paths for Phoenix cache are as follows:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\PhoenixViewer
  • Windows Vista: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\PhoenixViewer
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\PhoenixViewer
  • Mac: ~/Library/Caches/PhoenixViewer
  • linux: ~/.secondlife/phoenixviewer

Delete the entire folder named PhoenixViewer.


Having done all those steps, you may now reinstall Phoenix. Once you have, you will need to repopulate your inventory:

  • Log back into SL, to a quiet region (try aich or hatton). On your inventory window, click “Recent Items”.
  • Wait for your inventory to repopulate fully. The process may be sped up by typing random letters into the search bar.
  • While inventory repopulates, do not teleport anywhere, and do not attempt to access anything in your inventory. Talk to people or surf the web.
  • Watch as it repopulates. as long as you can see (Fetched…) at the top of the inventory window, it is still loading.
  • Once inventory has repopulated, log out of SL once more.
  • If you opted to keep chat logs, you may copy them over at this point. Look in the old dated SecondLife folder you renamed in the 'Clearing Settings' section above; you will see one or more folders with your avatar names. Inside each of these you will find your chat logs - unless you changed the default location, in which case they will be whereever you saved them. Copy over only the logs; do not copy any XML files. (If your OS does not show file extensions like XML, copy only files that have avatar names or SecondLife group names; the rest are old settings files and can be discarded.) Once you have done that, you may delete the old folder.
  • Log back in into SL.
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