The client side Animation Override (AO) was added to the Phoenix Viewer by Skills Hak. It allows you to replace your scripted AO, with one that is client based.


  • Does not take up Sim script resources, so lower lag for you and everyone.
  • Better performance, smaller delay times, no script event lag.
  • Unlimited memory. Have over 9000 different stands without any problem.
  • Extra attachment points now free.
  • Works and can change in no-script zones.


  1. Detach any AO you are currently wearing, or it will interfere.
  2. Place all of the animations from the AO into the #Phoenix folder in your inventory.
  3. Place the ZHAO II notecard for the AO in the SAME folder.
  4. Expand the client AO window, then drag the notecard onto the indicated spot on the AO window
  5. Press the “Reload” button.

Chat Commands

There are chat commands to turn the AO on or off. These can be found and customized in Preferences → Phoenix → CmdLine.

  • Default command for on: cao on
  • Default command for off: cao off
  • Default command to toggle sitting posted (for compatibility with chairs, etc.): cao sit

Editing Your AO

  • All editing / adding / removing animations must be done through the notecard you have specified.
  • If you wish to add a animation, drag it into the same folder as the notecard you have chosen, and then edit that notecard, and add its name as specified below.
  • To remove a animation, simply delete its name from the notecard.
  • You will need to open the AO window (Phoenix→ AO) and press the “Reload” button to see your changes.

Notecard Syntax

Most AOs in second life all follow the same syntax, so there is a very very high probability that yours will convert perfectly.

For more detail.. this is the format of a ZHAO 2 settings notecard, (not a ZHAO 1); pay close attention to how the brackets work.

For the sake of documentation though, here is an example notecard. Notice how the animation state is in brackets, followed by each name of the animation separated with a pipe character “|”. Lines should not be longer than 255 characters, and in the example below, the animations have been split up into 2 lines in order to not make the lines for Standing animations too long.

[ Standing ]vAStand01DANGER|VAStand05_DANGER_F|VAStand02_DANGER|VAStand06_DANGERe|VAStand04_DANGER|VAStand06_iDANGER|VAStand07_DANGER3|VAStand08_DANGER30|VAStand08_iDANGER30|VAStand09_DANGER
[ Standing ]vAStand11_DANGER|VAStand12_DANGER|VAStand13_DANGER|VAStand14_DANGER|VAStand15_DANGER|VAStand02_iDANGER
[ Sitting ]sit01DANGER|sit02DANGER|sit03DANGER|sit04DANGER|sit00DANGER
[ Sitting On Ground ]sitgDANGER01|SitGDANGER2|sitgDANGER3
[ Crouching ]crounch02DANGER|VAmocCROUNCH3
[ Crouch Walking ]vAFLIPWALK2
[ Landing ]landing2DANGER|Landing_Jump03_AN
[ Standing Up ]vA_boxerlanding1
[ Falling ]fall_VA_fly3
[ Flying Down ]vA_DangerFlyDown
[ Flying Up ]vA_DANGERflyUp
[ Flying ]vA_DangerFly|VAmocFLIGHT2
[ Flying Slow ]vAmocFSLOW
[ Hovering ]vA_DANGERhover_v02
[ Jumping ]jump02DANGER|jump_Jump03_AN
[ Pre Jumping ] v3_VA_Prejump|preJump_Jump03_SL
[ Running ]vISTARUN
[ Turning Right ]vATURNR
[ Turning Left ]vATURNL
[ Floating ]fLOAT
[ Swimming Forward ]vA.DIVE
[ Swimming Up ]
[ Swimming Down ]
[ Typing ]typex


~Q. Why isn't it loading the information in my notecard!?!?
~A. Make sure the notecard is formatted as shown above, older ones will need modification.

~Q. Will other avatars, Phoenix viewer or not, see these animations?
~A. Yes.

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