This page aims to be a guide for users of Phoenix and Firestorm, and Direct Delivery. The following are links to general information concerning what Direct Delivery is, how it works, and what merchants need to do:


Received Items

Phoenix has full support for the Received Items folder part of Direct Delivery. Earier versions may need fixes; for more on that, please refer to Updating Phoenix for Direct Delivery.

The Received Items folder folder will not exist until you make your direct Direct Delviery purchase from the marketplace. If you wish to test Direct Delivery purchases, you can buy this free Direct Delivery Linden Bear.

Merchant Outbox

As of this writing, no version of Phoenix supports the Merchant Outbox; merchants will need to use Firestorm to submit their products to the SL Marketplace. The folder may exist in your inventory, but it will be non-functional.

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