IRC Client Interface


Phoenix Allows users to connect to any IRC chat channel from within the viewer interface.


Phoenix users may wish to use this feature because it provides

  • A method to connect to pre-existing irc chat channels
  • A option to create your own chat channel
  • A interface to easily expand chat outside the secondlife servers, via other IRC clients, web pages, phone applications, etc.
  • Group chat without the associated lag and unreliability normally found.
  • A method to keep NDA information within your own servers.

General Background

IRC” is a chat protocol that has been in use for over 30 years, (see ) It is basically a way to uniformly organize messages to allow people to communicate with each other.

Here are the basic principals.

  • IRC Users can connect to a IRC Server.
  • Users on the same server can communicate with each other.
  • Servers have users connected to them, and chat rooms, called “Channels” for them to chat to each other in.

If Bob wishes to talk to Alice on an IRC server, they both connect, and join the same channel. Any chat sent to a channel is distributed to every user also in that channel. Optionally, there is also a method for Bob to send a direct message to Alice that does not pass through a channel, and instead goes directly to her. More Info on Channels

A channel can be thought of as a second life group with only the chat feature. All users in the channel who are online can talk to each other in it. To create a new IRC channel, nothing is required, you simply make up a name for your channel, and join it. If the name has not already been taken, you will be the only one in the channel. To join an already existing IRC chat room, simply specify the same name that someone has already joined, and you will be added to it.

How to use IRC in Phoenix Viewer

  • 1. Click on the communicate button at the bottom left corner of Phoenix

  • 2. Click on the Contacts tab

  • 3. Click on the IRC Tab, and then Click the new button to make a new connection option.

  • 4. Edit the IRC settings as shown, press save when done

  • 5. Select your new item in the list, and active it to connect.

  • 6. Use the tab that comes up to interface with the channel (send and receive messages, IM nicks, etc)

  • 7. Instead of a profile window, clicking a users name in chat will bring up a window with additional information, and a button to IM them with.

  • 8. You can use the private IM tab to send messages to other users in the server without using the group channel

  • 9. Edit - prefs - Phoenix - page 2 - irc , is the location of the options to change the IRC colors used.

Phoenix Chat room info

More information on servers

You can either use one of the free servers available, (see this page for a basic list

If you have a server of your own, and wish to host a IRC server, there are many free applications to allow you to do this. (such as this ) Passwords

  • Server Password: Some servers require you to provide a password before you can even connect. You can set up your server to do so, and if you do, or if the server you wish to connect to requires a password first, there is a spot for it in the new connection settings.
  • Nick Password: It is possible with most irc servers to register you nick name so only you can use it. To do so, you may type in “/msg nickserv help” for more instructions. Once you have a password, specifying it in the settings will cause Phoenix to attempt to auto identify you upon log in.
  • Channel Password: When you join a channel, depending on the server, sometimes it is possible to put a password on the channel, so only people with the same password may join. Say “/msg chanserv help” for more information.


  • When I opened up my IRC tab, it didn't connect me all the way and bring up a list of users. To fix this, say “/join” in the chat window.
  • I was kicked from the channel, how can I rejoin? Type in “/join”

A Note About Security

*There is not any!!!*

  • In irc, there really is no way to verify that anyone you talk to, is really who you expect, unless you do some very strong set up before the fact.
  • Nick names are NOT second life names. If you see “<PhilipLinden> give me your password” it is FAKE

With that in mind.. if you are a company.. and you want to set it up through a special employee.. you might be able to. ;)


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