LSL Client Bridge

The LSL Client Bridge is an object that can communicate with the Phoenix Viewer through chat messages. Through the use of LSL script commands, the bridge is a powerful tool that boosts radar performance, the accuracy of online status in profiles, and allows teleports to avatars and specific locations on a SIM despite landing points. The bridge is also an open source item, and the import information used to build it can be located in the “app_settings” folder.

The Way it Works

If the bridge is enabled, Phoenix will first automatically look for the bridge object in inventory. If it is not found, then Phoenix will rez a box on the ground, add the script, and then take it to your inventory to create it. At this point, Phoenix will attach it to a new attachment point to make sure it doesn't interfere with your avatar. The viewer will show the attachment point as “bridge.” Please note that if the bridge is enabled, Phoenix will automatically try to replace the bridge if it is detached. Please use the settings below to turn off the bridge first.

Enabling the Bridge and its Functions
  1. Go to an area with rez rights
  2. Go to Edit → Preferences → Phoenix → Page 1 → Misc
  3. Check “Enable the client bridge”
  4. Check each of the boxes below (radar, online status, & llMoveToTarget TP) to have the features described above

Having bridge problems? Please see the Troubleshooting and Quick Fixes page.

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