What are Outfit Links?

Outfit links (inventory links), gives you the ability to create complete outfits with hair, skin, shape, shoes, clothing etc without having to copy items into a folder. This is especially useful when you have a pair of shoes for example that are no copy.

So for example, I have a pair of shoes that look great with a few different outfits I like to wear, but the shoes are no copy. So I have to wear my outfit, then dig through my inventory to find the shoes. With Inventory links I can create an entire outfit, or several outfit combination's without having to move/copy or find my inventory items.

Where are the links saved?

In your inventory you will see a folder called “My Outfits”. In this folder you will first see a bunch of outfit links to newbie avatars. You can choose to keep or delete these if you want. When you create an outfit using inventory links, it gets created in this folder.

How do I create Outfit Links?

Find an outfit you like, including (or not) shoes, huds, anything you want to wear with this outfit.
- Go into appearance
- At the bottom right is a button called “Make Outfit”, click this.
- In the new window that opens you will see listed and checked by default, everything you are wearing. This includes attachments, clothing layers, huds, hair, shape, skin, eyes… Everything. If you uncheck something, it will not be included in the outfit folder.
- Make sure you have “Use Viewer 2 outfit folders” checked at the bottom left.
- Give your outfit a name under “Outfit Name”
- Click Save.

How do I find my new outfit?

Now if you go to your inventory and open the “My outfits” folder, you will see everything that was check marked, in the way of links. This means that you can right click on your outfit folder, and choose “Wear” or “Replace Outfit” and you will automatically wear everything in that folder.

What happens if I want to delete inventory linked items?

You can safely delete inventory linked outfits or items in the My Outfits folder. It will not delete the actual inventory items that they link too.

We also have a video tutorial on inventory links.

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