Phantom Avatar

Permits avatars to appear unaffected and immovable by orbits, pushes, or collisions

  • To enable phantom: Phoenix Menu (at top of viewer) → Phantom or Ctrl + Alt + P

Although it cannot be seen, avatars are surrounded by what is called a “bounding box.” When the phantom feature is enabled, the actual avatar mesh becomes phantom, but the bounding box does not. This is why phantom avatars cannot move. When an avatar is orbited or pushed it visually remains in place, but the bounding box will still be orbited or pushed. Therefore, when the phantom feature is then disabled, the avatar mesh will snap back to where the bounding box ended up.

The best way to prevent this “snapping back” result is to either double click teleport before turning phantom off, or use a move-lock in conjunction with phantom. These two features working together will avoid the inconvenience of being bumped around while ensuring that the avatar's bounding box snaps back to where the avatar originally stood.

  • Note: Avatars in phantom mode will not be able to move by the usual means (e.g. arrow keys). However, double-click teleport can be utilized to move without disabling Phantom.
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