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Phoenix Viewer Downloads For Second Life

Phoenix Viewer is no longer maintained.
Support for Phoenix Viewer ceased as of 1 Jan 2013.
We recommend you use Firestorm Viewer.

We always recommend a clean install when updating your viewer.
Please see instructions here for Phoenix.

If you use Norton Internet Security with Download Intelligence, please disable Download Intelligence before attempting to download. Instructions on how to do that are here.

If you are experiencing graphics issues such as transparent water or issues with glowing objects, please update your video drivers. You can get links here.

Phoenix does not run on Windows 8, the use of this setup is not supported. Please use Firestorm with Windows 8.

Phoenix Viewer release notes

Windows XP 32bit SP3 and XP 64bit SP2 or later are supported (except Windows 8 for phoenix). Earlier versions of windows are not supported.
Mac PPC is not supported. Release 373 is the last version of phoenix to support Mac OSX 10.4.

Release 1.6.1 (1691)

(SSE2 is required for mesh, no non optimized version will be available)

Windows (SSE2 Optimized):

Mac OSX(10.5+):

Linux (32-bit):

Older Releases

Release 1185

(Info on SSE2 Optimization):

Windows (Standard):

Windows (SSE2 Optimized):

Mac OSX(10.5+):

Linux (32-bit):

Release 373

Linux (32bit):

Mac (OSX 10.4+):

Additional Downloads to Fix Problems

All Operating Systems

  • Sound & Voice Files (All versions except for 818) In case the these files fail to download during the install, please download from here:


  • Windows XP 32bit SP3 32bit windows XP SP2 and earlier is not supported, and may not work. Windows 2000 and earlier are also not supported.
  • Failure to launch or configuration errors at launch, please download this and install it, as your system likely needs MS C++ Runtime Libraries.
    • If you are on 32bit XP, you must have SP3 installed for this to work. Vista and windows 7 will work out of the box, though the latest SP is recommended.
  • App Fix Download Visual Studio C++ 2005 SDK dlls.
    • md5sum for AppFix.exe is abe1200dd50db8331cb69c0e94320b7e
  • SLURLs not working in your browser, or choose to open with a different viewer (Windows)

Additional Downloads to Enhance User Experience


for all Operating Systems

  • Download to play Youtube videos inside Second Life. Do not use Internet Explorer when using that link. If Internet Explorer is the only browser you use, please ensure that you select Flash Player for Other Browsers, because the Internet Explorer version of Flashplayer is not compatible with any Second Life viewer.


for Windows and Mac

  • Quicktime to play streaming videos. (iTunes is not needed)


for Linux only

  • Info for download to play streaming videos. (Please read page for info on installing GStreamer for your particular distribution.)


Linux has this already

  • Windows Download To get external notices about events when the viewer is minimized.
  • Mac Download To get external notices about events when the viewer is minimized.

DirectX Runtime

Windows only

Video Drivers

Mac drivers are included with OS upgrades. However, to determine what card you have, select “About this Mac” from the Apple menu, then click “More Info”. Under Hardware select Graphics/Displays.

If you are not sure what type of video card you have, use GPU-Z found (win only) here. For linux, in a console use:
lspci | grep VGA

Nvidia Video Driver

  • Latest driver Last checked Nov 10- Windows: 306.97 (Oct 10) - Linux: 304.64 (Nov 06)

ATI Video Driver

  • Latest driver Last checked Nov 10- Windows and Linux: 12.10 (Oct 22) - Beta 12.11 (oct 22)

Intel Video Driver

  • Intel driver download page Intel does not have a universal driver set. Please go to Intel's site and select the appropriate download.

Source code

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