Phoenix Preferences Options as per Version 725 This document will only be covering the Phoenix specific features found in the Preferences → Phoenix tab.

Page 1:

TP/Login Tab

  • DOUBLE-CLICK TELEPORT: When enabled, double clicking any surface will teleport the avatar to that position.
  • DOUBLE-CLICK AUTOPILOT: Double clicking any surface will cause the avatar to walk to that position.
  • SEND TELEPORT DESTINATION COORDINATES TO CHANNEL: Used with move locks, it whisper teleport destination on the channel # specified. Format it sends is: <128,128,128>
  • VELOCITY INTERPOLATE DOUBLE-CLICK TELEPORTS: Offsets your teleport destination by half your current speed. Ex. click in front of wall while running and end up behind it.
  • ROTATE CAMERA BEHIND AVATAR AFTER DOUBLE-CLICK TELEPORTS: Rotates the camera behind the avatar after a teleport.
  • ALWAYS FLY AFTER TELEPORTS: After teleporting, the avatar will be flying just above the teleport destination.
  • DOUBLE-CLICK TELEPORT Z OFFSET: The height above the teleport destination for your avatar to move to.
  • ADDITIONALLY OFFSET UP BY HALF THE AVATAR HEIGHT: When unchecked, the viewer will try to move the center of the avatar to the exact teleport coordinate destination. When checked, the viewer adds half the avatar's height to the Z coordinate to put the avatar's feet at the teleport destination instead.
  • ROTATE AVATAR ACCORDING TO CAMERA LEFT/RIGHT ROTATION ON DOUBLE-CLICK TELEPORT: Ensures that the avatar's cameras rotation before and after a teleport remains the same.
  • PLAY TELEPORT SOUND EFFECT: Enables/disables the default teleport sound effect.
  • DISABLE TELEPORT SCREENS: Disables the black teleport screen during all teleports. In this mode you will see the current simulator disappear object-by-object. With this feature turned on, chatting can continue during a teleport.
  • DISABLE LOGIN PROGRESS SCREEN: Disables the black login progress screen.
  • DISABLE LOGOUT PROGRESS SCREEN: Disables the black logout progress screen.
  • ENABLE SERVER VERSION CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS ON TP/REGION CROSSING: Enables notifications in bottom right corner announcing when avatar enters region with a different server version.
  • ENABLE PROGRESSIVE DRAW DISTANCE STEPPING: Specifies how many seconds between each automatic stepping up in draw distance after teleporting Progressive Draw Distance

Shields Tab

  • SPAM PROTECTION: Helps to ward off annoying repetitive messages or events of the following types.
    • DIALOG: Puts a cap on how many dialogs a user can send you.
    • CALLING CARD: Puts a cap on how many Calling cards a user can send to you. (Both dialogs and calling cards can crash or lag your client)
    • CHAT: Puts a cap on the number of messages from the same account or object in local chat.
    • IMs, Notices, Offers ect: Puts a cap on how many IMs, notices etc. a person can send in rapid succession.
  • REVOKE PERMISSIONS: Removes an object's permission to animate or control your input. If this is not done, the object retains permission to animate your avatar indefinitely.
    • NEVER (ORIGINAL BEHAVIOR): Objects will retain permission to always animate your avatar.
    • REVOKE ON SIT: Revokes permission when you sit on the object again.
    • REVOKE ON STAND: Revokes permission when you stand up from sitting on the object.
    • REVOKE ON SIT AND STAND: Revokes permission when you either sit or stand
  • SHOW LOAD URL DIALOGS: When a script wants to give a URL, this option, when checked, displays a dialog box asking if you want to go to the page. Otherwise, that page is loaded immediately.
  • DISALLOW LLMAPDESTINATION: Prevents scripts from being able to open your Map window.
  • BROADCAST VIEWER EFFECTS: Viewer effects are things like your avatar pointing at something when you edit it. Your eyes and head turning towards things your camera has focus on, etc…. This allows other users to see those effects.
  • BROADCAST CAMERA FOCUS POINT: Allows other users to see what your camera is focused on.
  • BROADCAST POINTER TARGET: Similar to focus point, this allows users from seeing what you are editing.

IM Tab

  • ANNOUNCE INCOMING INSTANT MESSAGES: Opens an IM window when someone starts typing an IM to you, and says “You sense a disturbance in the force… (User Name is typing). This gives you a heads up that someone is IM'ing you before they hit Enter.”
    • STEAL FOCUS: Forces the IM window to steal focus over all other communication windows when someone starts typing an IM.
  • ENABLE AUTORESPONSE: Causes the viewer to respond when another avatar sends a message.
  • AUTORESPOND TO NON-FRIENDS: Causes the viewer to respond only to individuals who are not on the friends list.
  • AUTORESPOND TO PEOPLE YOU HAVE MUTED: Causes the viewer to respond to avatars who are muted. When unchecked, you do not see their messages.
    • SEND AS SOON AS THEY START TYPING: When checked, sends the auto response to the other avatar even before they begin typing. This is useful when you are frequently busy and cannot respond.
    • DON'T SHOW IMs YOU AUTO-RESPOND TO: When unchecked, “Autoresponse sent to” will appear when an autoresponse has been sent. When checked, this message does not appear.
    • AUTORESPOND TO EVERY MESSAGE: Sends the auto response every time an IM message is received instead of just on the first one received from a recipient.
  • RESPOND TEXTBOX: Enter your message you want to use with Autorespond enabled. Specify the text of the message that will be sent to the avatar sending a message. Use #f to include the avatar's first name. #l includes their last name. #t includes the current timestamp.
  • SEND AN ITEM ALONG WITH THE RESPONSE: Enables an item of inventory to be sent with the autoresponse when it is given.
  • OTR: Allows private conversations over instant messaging by providing authentication, encryption and other features.
    • REQUIRE USE OF OTR IN IM'S: Forces all IM's to use OTR, if a user has OTR off, you will not be able to see their message.
    • REQUEST OTR IF AVAILABLE: Requests OTR from other users if they have OTR enabled.
    • ACCEPT OTR REQUESTS: (Default and recommended setting) Accepts OTR requests but does not require them.
    • DECLINE USE OF OTR: Declines the use of OTR.
    • USE TYPING_STOP FOR OTR: Helps prevent some OTR issues. (Recommended)
  • VERTICAL IM TABS: When checked, changes the layout of the Contacts, IM and Group message windows to a vertical format running down the left edge of the Communicate window. When unchecked, tabs run along the bottom of the window. (Requires a restart)

Chat Tab

  • DISPLAY TOTAL SCRIPT COUNT CHANGES: When checked, adds a message in local chat when the viewer detects an increase in the total number of scripts, by more than the threshold specified in the box to the right.
  • HEAR TYPING SOUND WHEN PEOPLE TYPE: Plays the typing sound when typing a message for local chat or others are typing for local chat too. It will only work if the person typing has the typing animation turned on.
  • AUTO COMPLETE OOC COMMENTS: Used in Role Playing. When entering message in RP mode, it is assumed they are speaking as their character. To communicate something outside of their character, they enclose their message with "((" and "))". When checked, the viewer automatically appends a "))" to a message if it isn't present. For Example: "((This is OOC" results in "((This is OOC))".
  • ALLOW MU* POSES: Used in Role Playing. Allows use of “:” instead of “/me” to indicate an action, instead of a statement. For example; “:nods in agreement” appears as “John Doe nods in agreement”.
  • SHOW MONEY CHANGES IN LOCAL CHAT: Sends notification to local chat when money is spent or received.
  • ADD SECONDS TO THE TIMESTAMPS IN LOGS: Appends seconds to the time when IM and local chat logs when saved to your computer. Note: You will still need to turn on the ability to save the logs via; Preferences Communication Logging Options.
  • ADD SECONDS TO THE TIMESTAMPS IN CHAT HISTORY: Appends seconds to the time when IM and local chat are displayed on the viewer.
  • WHEN “RECEIVE GROUP NOTICES” IS DISABLED, DISABLE GROUP CHAT AS WELL: Turns off group chat from any group from which you are not receiving group notices. Note: The viewer will receive group chat with this option turned on when an IM/Group Chat tab is open for the group in the Communicate window. What the option does is prevent the automatic creation of a tab when a group message is received.
  • DISABLE ALL GROUP CHATS: Prevents group chats from opening automatically when another user IMs the group. Note: The viewer will still receive group chat with this option turned on when an IM/Group Chat tab is open for the group in the Communicate window. What the option does is prevent the automatic creation of a tab when a group message is received.
  • NOTIFY ME WHEN A GROUP CHAT IS MUTED: If you have a group “muted” and a session starts you will get a message like [Muting group chat: GROUP NAME] in local chat.
  • RIGHT CLICK TRANSLATE ALSO REPLACES SELECTED TEXT: Replaces the original text with the translated text and removes the parentheses from around the translated text.
  • USE “YOU” INSTEAD OF YOUR NAME IN YOUR OWN CHAT: Replaces your avatar name with “You:” for anything that you type or emote in IM or open chat.
  • MAKE MODERATORS' CHAT TEXT BOLD IN GROUP CHATS: Will show Moderators text in a bold font.
  • SHOW GROUP NAME NEXT TO IM WHEN PRINTED IN CHAT HISTORY: Shows the group name the chat came from in chat history.
  • (LENGTH):
  • AUTO-COMPLETE NAMES IN LOCAL CHAT WHEN PRESSING TAB KEY: Allows you to type the first few letters of an avatar and hit Tab to auto complete it. Note: they must be in “say” range (20m from the avatar).
  • SHOW CHANNEL SELECTION IN CHATBAR IN CHAT HISTORY: Enables the local chat channel selection box.
  • EDIT KEY WORD ALERTS (BUTTON): Displays additional options dialog box that allows you to choose keywords that trigger a sound and/or highlight text when the words appear in group chat, IM's or open chat.
    • IF ANY OF THE PHRASES (SEPERATED BY COMMAS) LISTED HERE: Specifies the list of words that will trigger an alert. They can be individual words or phrases and are separated by commas.
    • INSTANT MESSAGE FLOATER: When checked, the alert system monitors the IM and Group Chat areas for presence of these keywords. Note: Group Chats are prevented from appearing, “When “Receive Group Notices” Is Disabled, Disable Group Chat As Well” or “Disable All Group Chats” is enabled (see above), then no alerts are triggered.
    • LOCAL CHAT FLOATER: When checked, the alert system monitors Local Chat for the presence of these keywords.
    • HIGHLIGHT THE MESSAGE IN THIS COLOR (CHECK BOX and COLOR SELECTOR): When checked, any messages that are to be alerted, will have their color changed to what is specified in the color selector.
    • PLAY THIS SOUND ALERT (CHECK BOX and UUID): Plays the sound identified by the identified UUID. To get the UUID, find a sound in the avatar's inventory that has full rights, then right-click the sound and select “Copy Asset UUID” from the menu. Then paste the value into the text box.
  • EDIT AUTOCORRECT SETTINGS (BUTTON): Brings up a dialog box to enable Phoenix to expand abbreviations and automatically correct misspelled words. Corrections and expansions occur when the space bar is pressed, so when “afk” is typed it is only expanded to “(Away from Keyboard)” after a space is added. Important: This feature does not work with non-letter and non-characters. For example, the autocorrection of a smiley like “:)” cannot be transformed into “???”, but one can transform “sm” into “???”.
    • ENABLE AUTOCORRECT: Enables the auto correction mechanism.
    • LOAD LIST…: Allows a list of entries that can be corrected by specifying an XML file from the computer. To get the correct formatting of the file, use the EXPORT LIST function (described below) and modify it accordingly.
    • DROP A NOTECARD HERE TO LOAD FROM IT (DROP AREA): Loads a notecard from inventory in the same XML format for LOAD LIST. To get the correct formatting of the file, use the EXPORT LIST function (described below) and modify it accordingly.
    • LIST NAME (LISTBOX): Provides a list of all the entries that can be auto-corrected. Selecting one, shows the list of search keywords and what text they are replaced with.
    • DELETE LIST (BUTTON): Removes the list of abbreviations.
    • EXPORT LIST (BUTTON): Exports the list of abbreviations so that they can be saved the computer. The format is XML.
    • LIST ENTRIES: Provides a two column list of items to search for and what to replace an item with with.
    • ENABLED: When checked, enables this list to be considered to replace words.
    • PRIORITY: Identifies the sequencing that each list has for items. If two lists contain the same search keyword term, there first list (in terms of priority) that matches it is the replacement that takes place. The other replacement on a lower priority list is ignored.
    • SHOW NOTIFICATIONS: When checked, put's a notice in Local Chat that a word was auto replaced and puts a notification window in the lower right window with the same message.
    • WORD STYLE: When checked, only full words are replaced. When not checked, the individual matching letters or words found in each word are replaced.
    • ADD ENTRY (BUTTON): Adds a notice in local chat on how to add new words to the list. The format is: /addac LIST|BADWORD|GOODWORD Only adds an entry if the name specified for “LIST” matches one of the entries shown under LIST NAME.
    • REMOVE ENTRY (BUTTON): Removes an entry from a list. Any entry can be removed from any list.

Misc Tab

  • ENABLE ALWAYS FLY: Enables the avatar to fly even in regions that have flight disabled. If this is not checked, Ctrl+Alt+V also enables flight.
  • ENABLE CTRL-ALT-P TO BECOME VISUALLY PHANTOM: Locks the avatar in one place, preventing movement of the avatar by others or other objects. In this mode, the avatar cannot move with normal control keys, instead, use “Double Click TP” to get around.
  • ENABLE CTRL-ALT-S TO GROUND SIT ANYWHERE: This forces your avatar into a ground sit regardless of where your avatar is.
  • BLOCK SITTING ON OBJECTS VIA LEFT-CLICK: Prevents accidentally sitting on something that is set to “sit on touch”. If enabled, right clicking “Sit” from the pie menu is the only way to sit on the object.
  • SHOW AGENT NAME FOR LOOKAT BEACONS: Places the avatar names over the lookat beacons to show who is looking at who.
  • DON'T SHOW ME MY LOOKAT BEACON: Hides your avatars beacon, so to declutter the display, but that doesn't prevent others from seeing it.
  • ESC KEY RESETS CAMERA POSITION: Forces the camera back to it's default position.
  • CLICKING ON AVATAR RESETS CAMERA POSITION: When enabled, clicking on your avatar will reset the camera behind it, slimier to when you move.
  • ENABLE MINIMAP ROTATION: Allows the mini map to rotate as the avatar moves.
  • SHOW THE SEARCH BAR: Shows the search bar in the top right of the window next to currency.
  • ALWAYS REZ OBJECTS UNDER THE LAND GROUP IF POSSIBLE: Many regions are set to only let objects be rezzed by group. When creating an object, the viewer will attempt to set the group of the object if the avatar is in the same group as set for the land.
  • DISABLES MINIMUM CAMERA ZOOM DISTANCE: Allows the camera to zoom as far in as you want, allowing you to see inside prims.
  • ALLOWS THE CAMERA TO MOVE WITHOUT CONSTRAINTS THROUGH PRIMS: If enabled will not keep your camera view on the same side of a prim as your avatar.For example put your back against a wall, and you see the other side of the wall.Disabled your point of view would be over your head, and you see inside.
  • ENABLE GROWL NOTIFICATIONS: lets you use Growl to see who IMs you when Phoenix Viewer is minimized (google Growl, also available for windows)
  • SHOW STREAM INFORMATION IN CHAT: This will display the current song playing from the streaming media in local chat. *Note: not all streams support this.
  • SHOW A MESSAGE WHEN SOMEONE TAKES A SNAPSHOT: Will display in local chat “User Name has taken a snapshot.” when someone on the same sim you are on takes and uploads a snapshot. *Note: Will only work for snapshots uploaded directly to LL.
  • MUTE GESTURES: Mutes sounds coming from gestures in local chat. Will not affect sounds from objects or attachments, such as spankers.
  • SHOW SERVER RC CHANNEL IN REGION NAME: This will display the server RC channel version if the region you are on is running on one. More info at:
  • REUSE LAST SAVE-TO-DISK SNAPSHOT FOLDER BETWEEN SESSIONS: This remembers the local folder where images where last saved.
  • ENABLE RESTRAINED LOVE [RLVA] FEATURES: Formerly “RESTRAINED LIFE”. Enables RLV features within the viewer. Players will need a “relay” to be controlled by others. A restart of the viewer is often required for this feature to work.
  • ENABLE LSL-CLIENT BRIDGE: The bridge provides many uses which will increase over time. It's completely invisible and highly recommended.
    • RADAR USES BRIDGE: When enabled, this extends the range of the client radar window.
    • TRUE ONLINE STATUS IN PROFILES: Will allow you to see whether people are online or offline through their profiles.
    • USE LLMOVETOTARGET TP: In regions that have inner region teleports disabled, the bridge will force move your avatar to your teleport destination during double click tp's.

CmdLine Tab

  • ENABLE USAGE OF CHAT BAR AS COMMAND LINE: CMDLINE is a set of common features that make it easier to use Second Life. Each entry is self explanatory, except for the usage. In each text box you will see a word like “gtp” or “rezplat”. That is the name of the command (cmd). When Phoenix sees that command in local chat and the parameters are formatted correctly, it will perform the function listed.
    • For example, the “rezplat” command creates a platform beneath the avatar. It can be up to 30m in size. The default size is according to the slider, but it can be any other size based on the width specified. The parameter is 0-30, so, “rezplat 22” gives a platform 22m in size.
    • Each parameter is separated by a space. The defaults are listed, but they can be changed to anything desired. Including overriding standard SL commands like “/me”, because the command is picked up by the viewer before it is ever sent to SL.
    • Additionally, all of these extra parameters can be specified in gestures. So if there is a common teleport destination you go to, it’s possible to assign that to a function key (via the gesture) and go there immediately.
  • ENABLE USAGE OF CHAT BAR AS COMMAND LINE: When checked, enables the commands listed below:
    • Note: In the descriptions, the defaults for the CMD are used.
  • TELEPORT WITHIN SIM (USAGE: CMD X Y Z): Teleport to anywhere within the sim instantly according to the position specified. Example “gtp 45 150 400”, teleports to 45, 150, 400.
  • TELEPORT TO GROUND (USAGE: CMD): Teleport to the current ground position for the avatars current position. Example: “flr”.
  • TELEPORT TO ALTITUDE (USAGE: CMD Z): Teleport to the specified height. Example: “gth 2800”, teleports to a height of 2800 meters. It is also possible to teleport higher. Example: “gth 6500” teleports to 6500m above the sim.
  • REZ A PLATFORM (USAGE: CMD 0-30): Assuming the avatar has build privileges in the simulator, this command rezzes a circular platform of the given diameter beneath the avatar. Example: “rezplat 25”, rezzes a 25m diameter platform below the avatar.
    • WIDTH: Specify the width of the platform when using the rezplat command.
  • TELEPORT TO SIM X (USAGE:CMD SIM NAME): Teleports to the sim you specified (defaults 128, 128, 0 if no landing point is specified on the sim). Must use the full sim name, with spaces and all.
    • USE SAME POSITION BETWEEN SIMS: When enabled, your entry point at the new sim will be the same cordenants you left the old sim, unless a landing point is specified in the new sim.
  • CALC. EXPRESSIONS (USAGE: CMD SIN(2+2)): Used to perform a calculation on the command line to figure out an answer quickly. Calculations adhere to precedence rules where multiplication/division occur before addition/subtraction. Therefore, in the example: “calc 1.3+2*5” results in “11.3” as the answer, because the multiply occurs before the addition.
  • ADD AUTOCORRECT WORD (CMD LIST|BAD|GOOD): Adds an auto correct word to the autocorrection “LIST”, if the list does exist, the command is ignored. In this case, the bad word is replaced with the good word. Example: “/addac Custom|sm|smiles”, adds “sm” to the “Custom” list, so that when “sm” is entered it is replaced by “smiles”.
  • CHANGE DRAW DISTANCE (USAGE: CMD METERS): Changes the draw distance of the rendered view to the specified number of meters. Example: “dd 32” sets the draw distance to 32 meters.
  • TELEPORT TO CAM POSITION (USAGE: CMD): Teleports the avatar to the position the cursor is currently looking at. This is useful when walking into a store. After looking around and finding the item to purchase, this shortcut takes you to the position immediately, without having to walk. Example: “tp2cam”.
  • GET AVATAR NAME FROM KEY (USAGE: CMD KEY): Looks up the specified avatar key and returns the name for the key. Example: “key2name” returns “Babbage Linden”.
  • OFFER TELEPORT TO AVATAR (USAGE: CMD KEY): Sends a teleport request to the avatar identified by the given key. Example: “offertp avatar-key”
  • TELEPORT TO AVATAR (USAGE: CMD NAME): Finds a given avatar within the simulator and teleports to them. Example: “tp2 John Doe” teleports to “John Doe” if they are in the simulator.
  • TURN AO ON/OFF (USAGE: CMD ON/OFF): Turns the embedded AO system on/off. Example: “cao on” turns AO on, and “cao off” turns AO off.
  • CLEAR THE CHAT HISTORY (USAGE: CMD): Clears the chat history from local chat. Example “clrchat”
  • SET THE MEDIA URL (USAGE: CMD URL TYPE): Sets the video media for the parcel as identified by the URL. Only the land owner can set the media URL. If the URL contains a space, use %20 to identify the space. The type is one of: Audio, Image, Movie or Web.
  • SET THE MUSIC STREAM URL (USAGE: CMD URL): Sets the music stream for the parcel as identified by the URL. Only the land owner can set the music URL. Example: “/music” sets a Smooth Jazz sound to the URL.

Avatar Tab

  • X,Y,Z MODIFIER: Changes the default positional offset of your avatar. Ex, if your feet are below the ground due to your shape or shoes, change the Z modifier to move your avatars default height up or down.
  • SHOW APPEARANCE RAG AND ANIMATION IN APPEARANCE MODE: unchecking this will skip the animation of going into edit mode, and will not show “editing Appearance” on your tag to others.
  • UNSIT AVATAR WHEN ENTERING APPEARANCE MODE: This will force your avatar to stand up when entering edit appearance mode.
  • RENDER AVATAR INVISIBLE: This makes your skin and clothing layers invisible to everyone, however everyone will still be able to see prims attached to you.
  • SELECTION BEAM PARTICLE EFFECTS: Allows you to use fancy selection beams.
  • SCALE: Width of beam partial effect.
  • ENABLE SELECTION BEAM: disable/enable the display of the partial beam.

Build Tab

  • OBJECT SIZE, SETTINGS, TEXTURE: Allows you to change parameters of your object when it is first rezzed.
  • EMBED AN ITEM INTO THE NEWLY CREATED OBJECT: item roped here will be automatically placed in prims when they are created.
  • PIVOT POINT: Allows you to change the pivot point of an object.
  • ENABLE THE HIGHLIGHTING OF SELECTED PRIMS: Shows the yellow highlight on prims you select. Deselecting this can increase viewer performance when several prims are selected.
  • SHOW AXIS ARROW ON ROOT PRIM POSITION: Moves the axis from the center of the object to the center of the root.
  • ENABLE 64M PRIM SUPPORT (REQUIRES REGION WITH MESH SUPPORT): Allows client side support for prims up to 64m. Server side support for 64m prims is only on regions that support also support meshes.
  • Allow Next Owner: This is where you can set the default permissions for your builds and uploads.


  • PHOENIX TAG COLOR: Allows a choose of which color is displayed to other viewers. Other viewers will see this color unless it is a Phoenix Viewer with “Make Name Tags Of The Same Client Be The Same Color” turned on. (See above)
  • SHOW YOUR OWN COLOR: Allows the viewer to see your own tag in the same color that everyone else does.
  • DISPLAY CLIENT TAGS: Provides the name of the client another avatar is using, if it is known.
  • COLOR NAME TAGS: Displays other avatar's tags in colors based on either the SL Viewer they are using or the color they specified in their viewer.
  • MAKE NAME TAGS OF THE SAME CLIENT BE THE SAME COLOR: Forces the other avatar's name color tag to be the default color for the Viewer, regardless of the individual setting a player has in their Viewer. A restart is required before this change takes effect.
  • USE OLD SYTLE USER STATUS DISPLAY: When checked, uses the old format found in previous versions, where the original account name is show without a display name. When unchecked, changes the layout of the client tag to be up to 4 lines:
    • Away/Busy, Rezzing (viewer name)
    • Group Name
    • Account name or display name if they have a display name
    • should they have a display name.
  • COLOR FRIENDS NAME TAGS DIFFERENTLY: Will color the name tags of anyone on your friends list to the color you choose. The default color is yellow, which mimics the color that appears on the mini-map.
  • COLOR USERNAMES DIFFERENTLY: When enabled the username will be shown in the color which is defined when you click on the color chooser, otherwise it will use the client tag color
  • Update Client Tag List From Web at Startup: Will update the client tag list when you login.

Page 2:


  • COLORS USED TO DISPLAY IRC MESSAGES: Use the color picker for each different kind of message type to set the color used to display related text.
  • AUTO RE-JOIN: Rejoins the channel on a disconnect
  • AUTO CONNECT AT LOGIN: Connects automatically to the specified IRC server when you log in with phoenix.

Inventory Tab

  • ENABLE MIRRORING: Allows you to back up your inventory tree to an offline folder on your computer.
  • SET FOLDER: Lets you choose the folder on your computer to save too.
  • MIRROR GESTURES: Currently not operational
  • MIRROR NOTECARDS: Allows you to backup notecards
  • MIRROR SCRIPTS: Allows you to backup Scripts which you have mod perms on.
  • AUTO OPEN INVENTORY WINDOW: Causes the inventory window to open when you receive inventory items.
  • WEAR OBJECTS IN INVENTORY VIA DOUBLE-CLICK: Allows you to wear objects by double clicking on the object in inventory. This will replace anything on that attachment point.
  • ADD OBJECTS INSTEAD OF WAREING THEM: Allows you to add objects to the attachment point on double click instead of replacing them.
  • DON'T SELECT NEW OBJECT IN MY INVENTORY: When you take or recieve new items, the inventory window will not move to the location of the new object. (rt click → new item will still move so you can rename the item)
  • IMPORT/EXPORT BACKUP SETTINGS: Lets you choose what to backup when you use the export feature.
  • ENABLE LSL PREPROCESSOR FILE SYSTEM INCLUDES: This is an advanced and unfinished feature more information at lsl Preprocessor

Effects Tab

  • ENABLE ENHANCED PHYSICS ON AVATAR BREASTS: This enables you and other avatars breasts to have actual physics applied to them.

Advanced Graphics Tab


  • HTTP GET TEXTURES: Allows for fetching textures directly from the asset server, bypassing the sim, from a more reliable protocol (HTTP) than the default technique. When disabled, textures are fetched by UDP from the sim which fetches it from the asset server.
  • ANISOTROPIC FILTERING: Aids in making textures appear sharper when far away.


  • USE OBJECT-OBJECT OCCLUSION: With this enabled, the client till not attempt to draw prims that are behind other prims (and therefor out of view). This helps to speed up processing as less objects are being calculated.
  • DISABLE VSYNC: This will only apply when using full screen mode. Vertical Sync prevents the screen from appearing to tear when moving around rapidly, at the cost of max frame rate. The frame rate of the client will not go above the monitor's refresh rate.
  • ANIMATE TREES: When enabled, linden trees and plants moves about as if affected by wind. This adds realism to the viewer, but you will not be able to select the trees or plants with this enabled.
  • RENDER GLOW EFFECTS: Enable or disables the glow effect on prims.
    • STRENGTH: Changes the strength of the glow affect as seen the client.


  • SHOW UNLOADED AVATARS: Same as using the debug setting of RenderUnloadedAvatar. Instead of showing avatars that have not fully loaded yet for the client, it shows the parts that have loaded, and fills in the remaining parts with the default “Ruth” avatar.
  • USE MULTIPLE THREADS: Allows texture decoding to be processed on a separate thread. This will help with performance when the client is running on a processor capable of running more than one thread at once (dual core for instance).
  • TURN OFF RENDER > TYPES > CLOUDS BY DEFAULT AT LOGIN: Sim clouds will not render after relogging.

SHADOWS [Only 1185 or earlier]

  • ENABLE SHADOWS: <EXPERIMENTAL, NOT SUPPORTED!> Objects in the sim will cast a shadow at the cost of significant degeneration of performance.
  • BLUR SHADOWS: Affects how the shadows are displayed.

Depth of Field

[Not available on 1185 or earlier]

  • Depth of Field Enabled: This option, and the ones below it, are only available if you have enabled Lighting & Shadows in preferences → Graphics.

You can adjust the following settings to mimic RL camera effects.

  • Camera F Number: The default value is 9.
  • Camera Focal Length mm: The default is 50.0
  • Camera FOV degs.: The default is 60.00
  • Camera Aspect ratio: The default is 1.50
  • DOF Focus Transition Time: The default is 0.50


Some of the settings below are only present in the most recent versions of Phoenix (1177 and later).

  • ALWAYS USE ENVIRONMENT SETTINGS FROM REGION: If enabled, this will auto-apply any region windlight setting, even if that is the basic default. Disable this if you wish to preserve a personal setting you have selected.
  • RENDER OLD CLASSIC CLOUDS: Enables rendering of old-style “particle” clouds.
  • CROSSFADE REGION ENVIRONMENT SKY PRESET CHANGES MADE FROM QUICKPREFS: If this is enabled, changes made to region sky settings will blend from the current setting to the newly selected one.
  • CROSSFADE REGION ENVIRONMENT WATER PRESET CHANGES MADE FROM QUICKPREFS: If this is enabled, changes made to region water settings will blend from the current setting to the newly selected one.
Phoenix Parcel WL (Experimental)
  • USE PHOENIX PARCEL WINDLIGHT SHARING (EXPERIMENTAL): Enables parcel level windlight sharing. Disable this if you wish to preserve a personal setting you have selected, and not have pop-ups asking you if you want to allow a WL setting change.
  • AUTO APPLY WL SETTINGS FROM FRIENDS LAND: If enabled the viewer will automatically see the windlight settings (no prompt) on a friends land if set.
  • AUTO APPLY WL SETTINGS FROM GROUP'S LAND: If enabled the viewer will automatically see the windlight settings (no prompt) on group land if they are set.
  • AUTO APPLY WL SETTINGS FROM ANY PARCEL: If enabled the viewer will automatically see the windlight settings (no prompt)on all parcels with it set by the owner.
  • CROSSFADE REGION ENVIRONMENT CHANGES FOR PARCEL WL: If this is enabled, changes made to parcel WL settings will blend from the current setting to the newly selected one.

SpellCheck Tab

  • BASE LANGUAGE: Allows the selecting of which language to do the spell check in.
  • ADDITION INSTALLED DICTIONARIES: A list of dictionaries loaded.
  • AVAILABLE DICTIONARIES: A list of dictionaries that can be added.
  • SHOW MISSPELLED WORDS IN RED: Mispelled words are underlined in red. This applies to notecards, chat, group notices, and various other places.
  • EDIT CUSTOM DICTIONARY: Allows the manual changing of the spelling dictionary.
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