Progressive Draw Distance

About the Progressive Draw Distance (PDD) Stepping feature

There are many in-world items that use gestures to alter a user's draw distance (DD) after teleporting in order to rez in objects that are closest first and objects that are further away later. The inherent problem with these tools is that they cause an additional load on the server. When a user first teleports into a location, the server instantly sends all of that data, but when such a gesture is activated, it causes that data to be lost, and the server has to resend it.

This feature is now built into the viewer, and because it can progressively step the draw distance instantly before the server begins to send the data, it cuts the server load in half in comparison to the in-world gestures. As a result of this improvement, the Phoenix Viewer disables the ability of gestures to trigger the DD command in the spirit of reducing overall lag and increasing region performance for everyone.

Enabling and Adjusting PDD
  1. Go to Preferences → Phoenix → Page 1 → TP/Login
  2. Check “Enable progressive draw distance stepping”
  3. Adjust the interval time between steps in seconds by using the slider
Confirming PDD

To confirm that PDD is in fact active and working:

  1. At the bottom of the viewer click the arrow farthest to the right
  2. This will open the graphics sliders, including DD and DD Step Time
  3. Keep this window open, and TP somewhere while watching the number in the DD box, which will start low and progressively step up until it has reached the total DD setting
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