Script Count

The Phoenix team has enhanced the script count feature in our release and feel that we need to point out that while the new method is reasonably accurate, that the number of scripts and memory used do not tell the whole story. The method employed counts ALL scripts in an object or on an avatar (including HUDs), regardless of whether the script is active or not; it even counts blank scripts. Please note that a high memory usage count does not always mean a significant amount of script time (which is ultimately the way to manage scripts ) and in some cases scripts with less memory usage will use more script time. Script time, not memory is what will show the actual load a script places on the SIM. Unfortunately we cannot give you the script times on everything as that is limited to Estate owners and mangers server side, so please realize that what you see may not reflect the impact on a SIM. A mono script counts as 64K and a LSL script as 16K. Note that the script time used by a LSL script may be higher than the script time for a mono script. The point being that memory allocated to a script does not tell the whole story.

The first thing you'll notice using the S.Count now is the different format you get when the script count is reported. Where you used to see something like,

  • Counting scripts. Please wait.
    Counted scripts from 5 attachments on Ed Merryman: 3

you will now see,

  • Scripts Counted: 10 [208K]

Note that now you get the number of scripts and the total memory

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