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Script Editor

This window is opened by double clicking a script which you can modify - or by right clicking it and selecting Open. It edits, compiles, and saves scripts written in LSL. For more information about scripting, visit the LSL Portal.

If a script is no-modify, you are notified that “You can not view or edit this script…”.

  • Description: Description of the currently open script. Not shown when editing a script in-world.
  • Menu: Beneath the description is a menu bar. Some of the menu functions are replicated in the buttons below it.
    • File:
      • Save: Save changes to th script - if it has been modified.
      • Revert All Changes: Reverts to the last saved version of the script; any changes made since that point will be undone.
      • Load from file: Loads a LSL script from your hard drive. A file picker will open, allowing you to browse to the saved script.
      • Save to file: Save the current LSL script to your hard drive.
      • Script Editor Preferences: Opens a window where you may change defaults for the script editor window.
    • Edit:
      • Undo: Reverts the last edit action.
      • Redo: Reverts the last undo.
      • Cut: Removes the selected block of text to the clipboard (from which it may be pasted).
      • Copy: Copies the selected text to the clipboard.
      • Paste: Pastes the contents of the clipboard at the current cursor locations
      • Select All: Selects all the text in the script, for later copy or cut.
      • Deselect: Deselects all selected text.
      • Search/Replace: Opens a window which you acn use to search for, and/or replace text in the script.
    • Help:
      • Help: Link through to the LSL portal on the SL Wiki.
      • Keyword Help: Opens the LSL Refernce on the SL Wiki.
      • Script Library: Opens the script library web page in your browser.
  • Status Indicator On the top right is a square colored status indicator. By default, this is dark yellow/orange.
    • D.Yellow: Script has been opened but not modified and resaved.
    • Green: On script save, shows that the script compiled and saved correctly.
    • Red: On script save, this shows that there were errors in compiling and/or saving the script.
  • Buttons: Most of the buttons are duplicates of the menu items listed above:
    • Save Script
    • External Script Editor: Load the script into an external text editor. The program to be used may be defined in the ExternalEditor debug setting. Alternately, if this is not defined, Firestorm will use any program that is defined for the .lsl file extension, in your operating system.
    • Load Script from Hard Disk
    • Save Script to Hard Disk
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Search/Replace
    • Script Editor Preferences
  • Main editing field: Contains the actual LSL code. The editor highlights relevant LSL keywords and attempts to maintain your indentation based on bracket usage. You can hover your cursor over any keyword for a brief tooltip description of its functionality.
  • Log: Under the main editing field, displays messages regarding save and compiler status. If the compiler finds an error when you try to save, it displays the line and column number where it was discovered, along with a brief message about the nature of the problem.
  • Reset: Restarts execution of the script from the beginning. Can be useful to “refresh” malfunctioning scripts. Not applicable if you are editing a script in your inventory.
  • Running: Sets the running state of the script. Uncheck this box to stop execution. Not applicable if you're editing a script in your inventory.
  • Mono: Runs the script on the Mono scripting engine for better performance. Enabled by default. If there are compatibility issues, uncheck this to run the script on the older, original LSL engine. If you're editing a script in your inventory, then normally, scripts are saved in LSL2; however, you can change the default to mono in PreferencesFirestorm → Build 1 tab.
  • Insert: This dropdown contains a list of every built-in function in LSL. Choose a function to paste its name into the editing field at your cursor's location.

See this page for documentation on Firestorm 4.7.1 (45325) and earlier.

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