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Rotation Guides Missing

Some users experience the issue of not being able to see the circular rotation guides when in edit mode. This is an inherited problem, from LL code, and appears to happen only on ATI cards. The LL reference JIRAs:

And our reference JIRA:

A user has found an apparent work-around; quoting from the above JIRA:

When you want to rotate a prim and you aren't getting the red, green, and blue guides, do the following:

  1. Switch your edit option to 'move' instead of rotate, then use your camera to get lower than the movement guides. I find that using the camera rotate feature (the arrows on the right side of the camera controls) works best. You don't have to be WAY below, or directly below the guides, but your camera angle MUST be 'looking up at' your movement guides.
  2. Move the prim very slightly upward while in this camera position.
  3. Switch your edit mode to 'rotate' and then hit CTRL+Z to return your prim to the position it was in before you moved it up slightly.
  4. You will now have the rotate rings and they will remain as long as you don't move the prim again. Once you leave 'rotate' mode and 'move' the prim using the arrows, you may have to repeat the steps to get the rotate guides back again. It's not always the case, but sometimes it does happen.

Thank you, Thandi Rhiadra.

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