Worn Attachment Not Showing as Worn in Inventory

Attachments which are visibly seen as worn may not show as worn in inventory. As a result, attempting to detach them by right clicking the inventory item name is not possible.

Different solutions are suggested… please try these, one at a time, in the order given, until one fixes you.

1. Right click the attachment on your avatar, and detach it via the pie menu.

2. If the above fails, go to a low lag region, such as this one, log out there, then log in to last location. At that point try to detach, either the usual way, or as described above.

3. Try the Replace Outfit procedure described below.

Bridge Doesn't Show as Worn

The problem is less easy when the attachment in question is the bridge. If for any reason you find yourself needing to replace a worn bridge and it is not showing as worn, then you will need to force it off. The suggested procedure is as follow:

  • Go to Preferences → Firestorm → General → Enable LSL-Client Bridge and uncheck it
  • Go to the “Worn Items” tab in inventory and detach any worn bridge - if possible
  • Right click your avatar, and from the pie menu select: Take Off → Detach → Torso → Bridge … if it is not greyed-out
  • Search Inventory for “client bridge” and delete them from inventory and trash
  • Log off
  • run the viewer again, but do not log in
  • Go back to Preferences → Firestorm → General and re-enable the bridge
  • Log into a place where rezzing is permitted, so the bridge can be created and worn

Attachments Detach then Reattach on Login

If instead you find that when you log in, attachments are being detached and then reattached, sometimes several on the same spot, then try the following procedure:

  • Make a temporary folder somewhere you can find it easily
  • In that folder, put a copy of your skin, shape, hair/bald base and eyes - and perhaps a pants and top layer - no prims!
  • Right click the folder name and select Replace outfit. Not Wear, not Add, Replace. This step is VITAL
  • Now relog
  • Once you are logged back in, you can put your usual extras back on, hair included. And hope that it holds.

Scripted Attachments Stop Working after TP

If a scripted attachment (such as a HUD) stops working following a TP, this may be because the attachment has actually fallen off during TP. You may see it on your screen, but the server thinks it is detached, so the scripts won't run. Try the following:

  • Detach and reattach the item. It may help to relog before and/or after.
  • In addition, if the HUD attaches to the Center 2 HUD point, try changing it to a different HUD attachment point. Attachments may be less likely to “fall off” of other attachment points.

Note: this is related to this bug.

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