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Chat Translation Settings

This window is accessed from PreferencesChat -> Typing. It is used to indicate whether you wish chat to be translated to another language and, if so, which service to use.

NOTE: The translator will translate what you and others type in nearby (local) chat, into the language you choose. It does not translate IMs or group IMs.

NOTE: Translation service is provided by external, third parties; as such, if translation fails to function correctly, it is not the responsibility of the Firestorm viewer.

  • Enable machine translation while chatting: Check this if you wish to turn on chat translation. You will then need to configure the service to use.
  • Translate chat into: Select a language to translate into.
  • Choose translation service: You may select one of two online providers to handle the translation:
    • Bing: It appears that Bing has totally changed their API, and that our connection to it is no longer functional.
      Ref. FIRE-6459.
    • Google: You need to supply an API key, which you can obtain from Google (click the underlined link to go to the web page; you may also obtain pricing information). Once you have done that, click Verify to have the key checked. After that, translation should be available.

See this page for documentation on Firestorm 4.6.9 (42969) and earlier.

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