NOTE: The steps here have not been rigorously tested, and therefore might not work for you.
Do not proceed with any package installation listed on this page if it will remove any packages, without a clear understanding of the potential impact to your system.
The steps here apply to Gentoo. Package names as well as dependencies may be slightly different in other operating systems.

Install needed libraries

emerge --ask media-libs/libquicktime media-libs/gst-plugins-meta www-plugins/chrome-binary-plugins media-plugins/gst-plugins-gconf

Install Firestorm

Grab the Release

Extract the program

cd ~/Downloads
mkdir Firestorm

# For xz compressed files
tar xf Phoenix_Fire{tab to expand} -C Firestorm --strip-components=1

# For bz2 compressed files
tar xjf Phoenix_Fire{tab to expand} -C Firestorm --strip-components=1

Try It Out

At this point, you can launch Firestorm from a terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/Firestorm

And watch the output, optionally copy it for analysis since not all of it made its way to the viewer log.

NOTE: Qpainter errors can be safely ignored.

You can also create a desktop shortcut, either manually or by running this script in a terminal:




If you crash continually, it will be helpful to get a backtrace, like so:

cd ~/Downloads/Firestorm
sed -i "/^#export .*gdb/ s/^#//" ./firestorm # This enables gnu debug

At the (gdb) prompt, type r to launch Firestorm. When Firestorm crashes, you should be back at a (gdb) prompt.
Type bt to get a backtrace. Copy everything from the terminal screen to a text file (there may be several pages, press Enter until you get the gdb prompt again).
Type q to exit gdb.
Create a Support Request on our Jira and attach the backtrace as well as crash logs. JIRA can guide you through the process.

NOTE: You can turn off debugging with:

sed -i "/^export .*gdb/ s/^export/#export/" ./firestorm

Streaming Audio

Log out of Firestorm.

Using your file manager (dolphin or whatever), locate the Firestorm install directory), and inside that the shell script called firestorm. Open this with a text editor (Kate, or whichever you prefer).

Find the line, '#export LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER=x', in the 'firestorm' script, and take out the '#', to make the line look like 'export LL_BAD_OPENAL_DRIVER=x', save the script.

Now run Firestorm and try streaming audio. You may experience a delay in in-world sounds; if so, relogging might help.

Streaming Video - Flash Only

If you have a 64-bit linux install, then the default currently is that you will also have a 64-bit version of Flash. This will not work for viewing flash videos. Try installing the 32-bit version of flash as well, then proceed as follows:

First create a 'plugins' folder in your .mozilla folder, copy, paste, and enter the following:

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Now create the link in that new folder, copy, paste, and enter the following line:

ln -s /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Flash video should now work, to test it out enable the inbuilt browser and head over to YouTube, and try a video.

NOTE: Streaming QuickTime may not work on a 64-bit Linux with either the 32-bit or 64-bit Firestorm.


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