Phishing is not new in Second Life. One case results in people seeing a message appear on their screens, repeatedly, saying that their account has been compromised, and that they should call a certain phone number.

Under no circumstances should you call that number!

LL have done a blog post about this. Beyond what they say, we would like to offer the following advice.

1) Identify the object and/or avatar sending the message:

  • Click the text at the start of the message, before the “:'”. Note that this text may consist of a single punctuation mark or even just a space, so it may be hard to see.
  • Should there be no name at all, then go to Preferences → Chat → Visuals, and enable Mark objects with (no name) when they speak to avoid spoofing.
  • You should now see (no name) in front of the spam message, so click that for information.
  • Now you can use this information in the following steps.

2) File an abuse report with SL. This excellent blog post gives information on how to do that in the most effective way. File it under fraud. If at all possible, include the exact coordinates of the object.

3) Block the object and/or owner. You may then return to enjoying to Second Life.

4) For added mental peace, you may wish to change your Second Life password on the SL website.

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