UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Request a Firestorm Message of the Day

form> Action mail jessica.lyon@phoenixviewer.com Action mail lassie@phoenixviewer.com subject @“=Event Name”@ Thanks “Thanks for submitting your Firestorm MotD request.”

Fieldset “Website Checklist”

static “The MotD doesn't send people to your event, it is meant to encourage people to visit your website. It is up to you to sell your event with your website.”

yesno “Is your website safe for a general audience (PG/G)?” !

yesno “Is your website open to the public?” !

yesno “Does your website adequately describe and up-sell your event?” !

yesno “Does your website contain a prominently displayed SLURL to your event?” !

Fieldset “Event Checklist”

yesno “Is your event location capable of handling the potential traffic a Firestorm MotD may potentially send you?” ! static “Events located on Homestead or Open Space regions should reconsider if they truly would like to have a Firestorm MotD. Events located on small parcels (8192 sqm or less) should reconsider if they truly would like to have a Firestorm MotD.”

yesno “Is your event located on a General rated region?” ! static “Events on Mature regions are considered on a case by case basis. Events on Adult regions will not be considered.”

Fieldset “MotD Request Information”

static “Blank or missing fields in this section can delay your MotD.”

Textbox “What is your SecondLife user name, (not your display name)?” “=SL Name”

email “What is your email address (optional)?” ! static “(This email address will not be shared with anyone.)”

Textbox “Who is your point of contact for any correspondence for this events MotD?” “=Contact Name” static “This individual should be someone who can make final decisions concerning this event.”

email “What is your point of contacts email address?” @@ static “If we have questions about your event we will contact by email, if we are unable to reach anyone your MotD WILL NOT RUN. (This email address will not be shared with anyone.)”

Textbox “What is the name or title of your event?” “=Event Name”

yesno “Is your event suitable for a general audience?” ! static “We are unable to run MotD's for events containing adult content. This includes content on your website.”

Date “What is the start date of your event?”

Textbox “What is the SLT start time of your event (optional)?” “=Start Time” !

Date “What is the end date of your event?”

Textbox “What is the SLT end time of your event (optional)?” “=End Time” !

Textbox “What is the URL to the website for your event?” “=Website URL

textarea “What would you like your MotD to say?” static “This is optional, if you don't provide something we will write one for you based on information provided on your website. If you do provide something it may be rewritten to fit in the limited space available for the MotD, for content or for readability.”

textarea “Do you have any comments or questions about your Firestorm MotD?” !

submit “Submit Request” </form>

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