Area Search - Find

Use the fields in this tab to narrow the search down according to various attributes:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Owner
  • Group
  • Creator
  • Last Owner

Supply partial or full text in one or more of those fields to search on them. Click Search at the bottom to start the search - which will switch you back to the List tab. click Clear to clear all fields.

Once you have filled out the fields you are interested in, click Search to start searching, which switches you to the List tab.

NOTE: Area search will list objects that the viewer is aware of. There are many objects in your vicinity that the viewer may not be aware of. So in order to have those picked up, turn around, and move around, or cam around. as the viewer picks up more objects, they will be added to the list. Similarly, if you cam or move away some distance, objects can drop off the list as the viewer “forgets” them.
The above is expected behavior, and not a bug.

Advanced Searching

It is also possible to use Regular expressions in these fields, by clicking the checkbox. Regular expressions are too complex to explain here, so please refer to:

Here are some examples to get you started: 1)

  • Find anything beginning with “demo”
  • Find anything containing “demo” somewhere
  • Find anything containing “demo” somewhere, case-insensitive
  • Find all lucky chairs and midnight mania's

Thanks to jkessels for the examples
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