Buying Land

If you wish to purchase a parcel you have found and like, you can do so either by going to About Land and selecting Buy Land from the General Tab, or by right clicking the ground and selecting Buy Land from the menu.

A window will open, like the one shown here. The window will fill with information about the parcel, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Parcel: Parcel name and coordinates.
  • Size: The parcel's size in sqm and number of prims it supports.
  • Price: The parcel's sale price and the cost per sqm.
  • Region: Region name and maturity rating.
  • Type: Either full region, homestead, or openspace.
  • Buying this land will: Notification of potential changes to your membership.

These only apply when purchasing land on a private estate:

  • Estate: Estate the region belongs to.
  • Estate Owner: Information about the estate owner.
  • Purchased land in this region: Describes resale and division conditions.
  • Last Modified: When the estate covenant was updated.
  • Covenant: Terms and conditions set by the estate owner for landowners in the estate.

Before purchasing, you must check I Agree to the Covenant Defined Above. Then click Purchase to buy it.

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