AppearanceCameraMovementWhen entering appearance editing mode, camera zooms in on currently selected portion of avatar
AutoPilotLocksCameraKeep camera position locked when avatar walks to selected position
AutoSnapshotUpdate snapshot when camera stops moving, or any parameter changes
CameraAngleCamera field of view angle (Radians)
CameraMouseWheelZoomCamera zooms in and out with mousewheel
CameraOffsetRender with camera offset from view frustum (rendering debug)
CameraOffsetBuildDefault camera position relative to focus point when entering build mode
CameraOffsetFrontViewInitial camera offset from avatar in Front View
CameraOffsetGroupViewInitial camera offset from avatar in Group View
CameraOffsetRearViewInitial camera offset from avatar in Rear View
CameraOffsetScaleScales the default offset
CameraPositionSmoothingSmooths camera position over time
CameraPosOnLogoutCamera position when last logged out (global coordinates)
CameraPresetPreset camera position -view (0-rear, 1-front, 2-group)
DisableCameraConstraintsDisable the normal bounds put on the camera by avatar position
DynamicCameraStrengthAmount camera lags behind avatar motion (0 = none, 30 = avatar velocity)
EditCameraMovementWhen entering build mode, camera moves up above avatar
floater_dock_cameraWindow Docking state for camera
floater_minimized_cameraWindow Minimized state for camera
floater_rect_cameraWindow Position and Size for camera
floater_vis_cameraWindow Visibility for camera
FlycamAbsoluteTreat Flycam values as absolute positions (not deltas).
FlycamAxisDeadZone0flycam axis 0 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone1Flycam axis 1 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone2Flycam axis 2 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone3Flycam axis 3 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone4Flycam axis 4 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone5Flycam 5 dead zone.
FlycamAxisDeadZone6Flycam axis 6 dead zone.
FlycamAxisScale0Flycam axis 0 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale1Flycam axis 1 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale2Flycam axis 2 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale3Flycam axis 3 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale4Flycam axis 4 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale5Flycam axis 5 scaler.
FlycamAxisScale6Flycam axis 6 scaler.
FlycamBuildModeScaleScale factor to apply to flycam movements when in build mode.
FlycamFeatheringFlycam feathering (less is softer)
FlycamZoomDirectMap flycam zoom axis directly to camera zoom.
FocusOffsetFrontViewInitial focua point offset relative to avatar for the camera preset front view
FocusOffsetGroupViewInitial focus point offset relative to avatar for the camera preset Group view
FocusOffsetRearViewInitial focus point offsrt relative to avatar for the camera preset Rear View (x-axis is forward)
FocusPosOnLogoutCamera focus point when last logged out (global coordinates)
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