The camera controls can be brought up either by clicking the Camera Controls button on the bottom button bar, or by going to the top menu bar and selecting Avatar → Camera Controls.

The camera controls are divided into sections, as follows.

  • The leftmost circle allows you to rotate your camera.
  • The vertical slide to the right controls zoom; you can drag it or use the +/- signs for finer control;
  • The arrows in the square pan the camera left/right and up/down.
  • Across the top are six buttons. These are:
    • Front view - places the camera in front of your face, and facing you.
    • Side view - place the camera over your left shoulder, looking forward.
    • Rear view - places the camera behind and slightly above you; this is the default position.
    • Object view - allows you to zoom in on objects by clicking them. Hit ESC to leave object view.
    • Mouselook view - places the camera in front of you; the camera then moves with your mouse; the camera controls disappear in this view. Hit Esc to leave mouselook.
    • Reset view - restores the camera to default.

If you want more control over the camera, without have to poke around in Preferences, have a look at the Phototools Camera window.

For help on fixing your camera view, refer to this page.

To move your camera around via the keyboard instead of the Camera Controls, see Camera Keyboard Shortcuts.

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