This window shows a list of saved conversations you have had, with people or groups.

For each entry in the list, you can right click it and get a menu. Some items will not be available if not relevant (eg, you cannot send a teleport offer to a group).

  • IM Start an IM with the person or group.
  • Voice call: Start a voice call
  • Open chat transcript: Shows the log of the conversation in a window.
  • Open chat transcript externally… Opens the chat log in an external program.
  • View Profile: Opens the profile for the avatar or group.
  • Offer Teleport: Send a TP offer to the person.
  • Invite to group: allows you to invite the person to a group you belong to; opens the Groups selector window.
  • Map: If your friend gave you map rights, this item will be enabled. If clicked, it will open the world map and show the person's current location.
  • Share: If you click this entry, an IM window opens; you can then drag and drop inventory items into it, to give them to the other person.
  • Pay: Opens a window, which you can use to pay the other person L$. Some default values are shown, or you can type the number in manually.
  • Block/Unblock: aka Mute/Unmute. This mutes the other person, completely blocking them from contacting you. You will not see anything they type in local chat or receive any IMs they might send, and all inventory offers made will be automatically declined. Use with caution; muting a person can also mute their objects, which means that if you make a purchase from them, you are likely to not receive what you paid for.

To the right of the avatar/group name is the date of the last entry in the conversation, followed by an 'x', whcih allows you to remove the entry 9and associated log file) from the list.

The Gear icon at the top has the same functions as the right click menu.

The List icon has the following items:

  • Sort by name: Sort the list by name
  • Sort by date: Sort the lsit by the date of the conversation
  • Sort friends on top: Put friends at the top of the list.
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