If you find that you are no longer able to copy/paste text to or from the viewer, the cause may be…

  • You have Uniblue Powersuite installed and running. This supposed “speed booster” program is known to cause conflicts, including rendering copy/paste non-functional. Generally speaking, avoid any programs that purpurt to increase your speed - game boosters are also nasty when it comes to SL viewers.

Webroot Blocking Copy/Paste

This appears to affect only Firestorm 4.4.2 and later versions. However, the issue is not restricted to Firestorm or even SL viewers in general; see here for example.

If you find yourself unable to copy/paste using Firestorm, chances are good that you're using the Webroot anit-virus. If so, the issue is with “Identity Shield”.

  • Open WebRoot on your PC
  • Click on Identity and Privacy tab
  • Click on the View/Edit Applications link towards middle
  • In the row that Firestorm is on, click the radio button in the Protect column
  • Click close
Note that this change may affect performance when using WASD keys for movement. If you notice your movement using WASD keys is not smooth, but moving with Arrow keys is smooth, change the setting from Protect to Allow, or try the suggestion below.

Should this not fix the problem:

  • Open WebRoot on your PC
  • Click on Identity and Privacy tab
  • Turn identity shield off

Webroot bug report: Copy-Paste-Stops-Working-in-some-applications

General Webroot issues: Webroot and SL Viewers

With thanks to West Habercom for the Webroot info, and to Rhiannon Skinstad for additional info.

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